Egodrop Presents: Loonacy with Dust Live! & Sundial Aeon Live!


24-10-2017 Starting at 22:00 Ending at 10:00 ul. Dolnych Młynow 10

We're back! First Egodrop event of the 2017/2018 club season on October 14th.

You will find as always 3 scenes full of eclectic music and psychedelic art. The main culprit for the musical fuss in this edition of Egodrop will be associated with Looney Moon Records Andrea Lunghi aka Dust. The artist associated with the global psychedelic scene since 2008, its unique fusion of sound that is full on and stronger, night sounds at times more of a minimalist color gave the musical direction in which many followers went. This will be Dust's first visit to Poland! Psychedelic - Daniel "Atan" Leszczyński, a man who, with the collective Toga Dansverg, broadcasted the first psychedelic events in Poland. Atan also bring together great backdropy gown, which will hang in the gallery.

Another legend of the Polish scene, which you will have occasion to hear at the October event will be Radoslaw "Raiden" Kochman aka Sundial Aeon / Aural Planet. Radek has been producing music since the 1990s, and the Aural Planet and Sundial Aeon albums have been warmly received around the world, which has resulted in performances at various events and festivals. Egodrop residents and other famous and often popular in quite unusual at the same time. The Egodrop / Goadupa Festival crews and the previously mentioned Toga Dansverg will take care of the visual experience. Of course there will also be a delicious food and the unique atmosphere and vibe you create with us.

Warning! The party has limited seats.

Cu on the trancefloor ... BOOM!

[Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Full On, Dark, Forest] 
Dust Live! (Looney Moon Records - IT)
Atan (Toga Dansverg)
Cj Art (Deepersense)
Nois (Egodrop)
Nozyo (Egodrop)
Trip (Egodrop)
Wyrx (Egodrop)

[Dub, Bass, Techno, Progressive]
Matured Structure (Maharetta Records)
Aetha (Traume)
Cj Art (Deepersense)
Havaya (3D Vision)
Marion (Ashoka)
Primal (Deepersense)

[Drone, Ambient, Dub, Bass,IDM, Trip Hop, Electronica] 
Sundial Aeon Live! (Impact Studio Records)
Marion (Ashoka)
Jan III Faza a.k.a Fonix (Elektroniczny Azyl) hybrid dj set
Meff (Egodrop)

Special Guests:
Toga Dansverg

Egodrop/Goadupa Festival Team:
No Art
Vortex Visual Division


1st Wave / Pierwsza Pula Online - 50 zł
2nd Wave / 2 Pula online i stacjonarne w klubie - 60 zł

At the gate / Bramka - 70 zł

Uwaga, wydarzenie ma ograniczoną liczbę miejsc i może wyprzedać się przed rozpoczęciem imprezy!

Caution! This is a limited event and it may be sold out before the day of the party

Klub Zet Pe Te & Tytano
Dolnych Młynów 10, Kraków
GATES: 22:00
End: 10:00


Egodrop Presents: Loonacy with Dust Live! & Sundial Aeon Live!

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This event happens in Zet Pe te

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