Ondra Smeykal & Dominik Muszyński


24-10-2017 Starting at 20:00 Ending at ul. Estery 5

Ondřej Smeykal is a Czech-born didgeridooo virtuoso. Dominik Muszyński is an orchestra - musician, manager, animator of ethnic culture, piercer. Creator of the WADADA project. For the first time they will perform together! Ondrej is a one-man didgeridoo orchestra, probably the best way to describe the music of this phenomenal artist. The original style of the game is the result of total dedication to this instrument. For more than two decades and with ever increasing intensity, Ondrej constantly develops and redefines its own unique approach to didgeridoo.

Ondra Smeykal & Dominik Muszyński

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This event happens in Alchemia

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