Natty Saturday (Ragga Jungle, Drum 'n bass)


19-08-2017 Starting at 21:00 Ending at ul. Dolnych Młynow 10

Tauzen Selectaz, NuJungle Radio -, Personality Disorder and Nukur invite you to the holiday edition of the best jungle discotheque in the city! They will play the best jungle picks from different teams in the place, which has long been hailed as the center of the city's pirates, the presence of mandatory!



The high culture promoter of bass music and the main organizer of the CAMB CAM Festival. Playing music, beer-and-pate does not refuse.

::::::::::::::::::: FatCut::::::::::::::::: 

(Krucafux, Flip Da Floor)
The best technical DJ born in Malopolska. He mixes, cuts and cuts bits better than wild steel. Seriously.


(United Soundz)
High as a culture palace DJ promoting bass music, prefer the vinyl type. Junglista as he looks.
100 % badman.

:::::::::::::James Hunger:::::::::

(Tauzen Selectaz
Jedna trzecia kolektywu junglowego "Tauzen Selectaz". 
W wolnych chwilach lubi podrapać jakąś płytkę, ewentualnie siedem. 

::::::::Kpk Wiśniówka::::::::::

(Tauzen SelectazNuJungle Radio - http://radio.nujungle.comPersonality Disorder)
The orchestra man, provided he gets a high percentage of alcohol, plays every kind of electronic music. And he will do it well.


What : Ragga Jungle, Drum 'n Bass, Jungletek 
Where : Zet Pe Te, ul. Dolnych Młynów 10
When : 19.08.2017
How much : JAH FREE 

Natty Saturday (Ragga Jungle, Drum 'n bass)

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This event happens in Zet Pe te

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