Wu-Tang art workshops for children and adolescents


13-08-2017 Starting at 12:00 Ending at 15:00 ul. Marii Konopnickiej 28

One beautiful moment at a certain gala, a member of the WU TANG Clan, in his characteristic condition (spirit), stepped onto the stage, took over the microphone and lightly disgraced and surprised by the lack of a main prize for his crew, he said what he thought and the part of that speech became instantaneous cult. "Wu Tang is for the child" - wu tang is for the children!

I decided to pick up this sentence and organize a WU-art workshop for children. Who am I? They say OLEK. For years he has been promoting his (own) extensive artistic activity both in Cracow and on the internet, but also for the last year I worked as a Mentor in a democratic forest preschool and as a crazy animator for Turbo-OLEK :) At these workshops (classes, at this time or whoever prefers even a performer) I decided to combine my love to create with love for children and all this in a convention 36 chambers (KMWTW)

What's in the plan: -Wu-Tang face painting. -Wu-tang coloring and cutouts. -Drawing your own Wu-Tang logo. -Wu-Tang balloons. All of this, of course, with the classic numbers of the old good (like bread)


Wu-Tang art workshops for children and adolescents

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