Chi Kung COURSE - 1st grade:


04-11-2017 until 05-11-2017 Niepołomice - Staniątki 58

Chi Kung (Qi Gong; Qigong) is called meditation in motion. It is a gentle form of movement that connects specific body systems with breath and visualization. It helps to relieve stress, tension in the body, improves concentration, allows you to peek inside, soothes the nervous system, improves mood, regulates blood pressure and greatly improves the work of specific internal organs. Regular practice maintains fitness and vitality of the body and provides excellent health prevention! It is one of the few forms of physical activity that combines health, work with energy and relaxation, concentration and visualization.

For whom is this course?

The taught techniques and knowledge may be useful for: - people with health problems (as a supplement to treatment, strengthening the body, helping to cleanse and improve the body); - physical therapists, art therapists, instructors, trainers, coaches, physicians, psychotherapists (as patient support in therapy, or supplementary knowledge of Eastern methods of body work, breathing, energy); - dance teachers and dancers, athletes (Chi Kung practice to teach fluency, connect breathing and movement and deepen self-awareness); Chi Kung can be known as a dynamic meditation whereby, while remaining in a state of deep meditation, healing exercises can be performed, relaxing and causing stagnation that can occur in static meditation); - for anyone who would like to apply the wisdom of the East in daily health prophylaxis.


Within the course, Chinese Chi Kung Chi - healing and breathing techniques are taught and practiced. These exercises serve to preserve health and vitality and support the treatment of many ailments. The course participants receive many valuable information on energy breathing, working with energy, building an energetic man (with Chinese medicine), and the necessary knowledge to practice Chi Kung's self-study or group activities. The course also covers knowledge about human energy, forms of energy intake and how to generate life energy, as well as information related to the vitality, vitality and health of each of us. With this knowledge you will be able to support the process of therapy, recovery or more consciously applying self-healing. Chi Kung is the best health care you can afford every day for free!

Training is completed with the certificate of completion of the Chi Kung (1st degree). Each participant will receive a script with basic information about Chi Kung.


"Health in eight moves": - information about Chi Kung (what is it used for, how it affects the body, the rules of training); - lecture: forms of acquiring and gathering vital energy (Chi energy; - structure / energy structure of man; - theory and teaching of energetic (abdominal) breathing; - theoretical discussion of the Chi Kung teaching set (standing version): the healing power, the flow of energy, the basic way of visualization; - Practical learning of Chi Kung set (standing version); Theoretical discussion of Chi Kung instructional exercise (sitting version): assignment of exercises, characteristics of specific techniques, energy flow; - Practical learning of Chi Kung (sitting version); - Chi Kung training exercises (Eastern joint and spine exercises - warm up); - Correcting the silhouette for natural energy flow. -------------------------------------------

Moderator: Izabela E. Paletko Instructor of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Kung Fu with many years of experience. He is self-developing by working with the body, energy and mind for over 25 years. She has specialized in healing through the use of conscious nutrition and supplementation, largely based on Chinese Medicine and natural therapies of ancient cultures. In working with people, many techniques and therapies are used, matching them to the situation. He treats man holistically, realizing that he is the whole as the Body-Energy-Mind-Spirit

TERM: November 4-5, 2017

Saturday, 10: 00-17: 00 Sunday, hr. 9: 00-15: 00

Tea and snack breaks are provided during the course, as well as lunch break / catering (meals are not included in the price of the course, they are covered by the participants themselves, tea, herbs etc are available in the room).

PLACE: Niepołomice - Staniątki 58 - "MALOKA STANIĄTKI"

Arrival time by car from Krakow - 25-30 minutes. Buses and suburban buses and trains arrive to Stansted.

In Staniątki there is a possibility of overnight accommodation: 35 zł / night without board (available kitchenette).

Investment: 500 PLN (Reservation requires payment of deposit - more information at

LIMITED NUMBER OF PLACES (we work in intimate groups)!

Contact and reservations:

E-mail: E-mail: Tel. 796 871 888

Chi Kung COURSE - 1st grade:

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