COURSE Cosmology and Traditional Mayan Calendar


28-10-2017 until 29-10-2017 Staniątki 58, 32-005 Niepołomice

A two-day, intensive and specialized course in the use of the original, ancient Mayan calendar in everyday life and personality analysis. During the course you will learn more about the Mayan culture and tradition. You will learn to use the Chol'Qij Calendar (Tzolkin) and use his power and wisdom in everyday life. You will learn ancient knowledge passed verbally from time immemorial. The knowledge provided at the workshop comes directly from oral reports of elders from Guatemala. "Ever since I hit the traditional Mayan calendar, my look and feel have changed, improved. Thanks to it, I understand myself better, my tendencies, my gifts and challenges, I have gained greater respect for the phenomena in the world around me and use it to harmonize my experiences every day. " Tomasz Czyba

Workshop topics: Types and uses of calendars: Chol'Qij, Haab, long bill - the meaning of 20 Naguals - in relation to the energy of the day and the person born in it - 13 Tonnes, Treceny, energy of the year, rhythm and properties - 4 Directions, 4 Colors, 4 Elements, Four Grandparents, Four Grandmothers, Four Jaguars - Mayan cross, Mayan "tree of life" - learning interpretation on the examples of birth dates - Origin, gifts, challenges and mission of the characters - "NEW" calendar, ie the science of calculating daily energy in Mayan cosmology and understanding better the quality that manifest themselves on a given day Mayan energy map in the body - Mayan gestures for each of the 20 Naguali - Mayan meditation / yoga in motion.

After the workshops, each participant will be able to independently calculate and interpret the Mayan values ​​of a given day and each person on the basis of his or her birth date.

Leader: Tomasz Czyba (Harevis) - Mayan Daykeeper of Polish descent. Musician, composer, flutist, therapist.

The Mayan calendar began in 2012 after a meeting with Shuni Giron and Pedro Pedro Cruz. In June 2014 he was initiated during a fire ceremony at the Mayan Day Guard. Music creator inspired by the Chol'Qij / Tzolkin calendar (Maltiox Project - The 20 Mayan Naguales). Individual psychotherapist Regresing (R) method and Osho Dynamic Meditation.

Term: October 28-29, 2017

Saturday, hr. 10: 00-19: 00 Sunday, hr. 8: 30-18: 00

During the workshop there are breaks for drinks and light meals or snacks (bring refreshments for everyone). There will also be lunch break / catering (meals are not included in the price of the course, covered by the participants themselves, in the room will be tea, herbs etc).

Place: MALOKA Staniątki (near Cracow and Niepołomice)

In Staniątki there is a possibility of overnight accommodation: 35 zł / night without board (available kitchenette).

Fee: 530 zł (Reservation requires payment of deposit - more information at



E-mail: Tel. 796 871 888

COURSE Cosmology and Traditional Mayan Calendar

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