Energy Workshops. Natural ways of gaining energy


10-11-2017 Starting at 10:00 Ending at 15:00 Staniątki 58, 32-005 Niepołomice

How to live healthily and vitally? Feel the pleasure of being a healthy person and filled with energy? How to supplement your energy resources? How did the old cultures and what methods do they use today? What is Energy of Life? How does it flow through us and affect our psycho-physical state? The subject matter of the workshop oscillates around the conscious, ethical and effective acquisition of life energy, as well as cultivating it in and gathering stocks. All the knowledge that will be provided is a multi-year study of the subject, based on the transmissions of cultures, philosophy and medicine, and ways of working with the energy of such traditions as: - China (including Chinese Medicine, Chinese Dietetic, Chi Kung, Tai Chi), - ancient cultures of the Americas (shamanic and healing practices); - knowledge of Hawaiian kahunas (Huna), Old Slavic exercises, visualizations and understanding of reality, - Hindu location and importance of chakras As well as more contemporary techniques and research related to the topic of the energy of life (including the topic of Orgone energy)

 TECHNIQUES AND THEMATIC WORKSHOPS: - natural sources of energy (their importance for human energy and skillful use in life) - the meaning of "spiritual" energy for the quality of our life and the level of vitality - deep breathing science according to Chinese Chi Kung tradition - basic principles of healthy, energetic nutrition - human energy structure / structure (including chakras from the Hindu and Slavic traditions) - energy of living space (how to care for and complement it, what factors affect it and how to avoid it) - visualization techniques for collecting prana (chi, energy of life, many) - Simple techniques to relieve stress - discussing the topic of "energy vampirism" (how to recognize the symptoms of our energy abuse, how to protect ourselves from parasites, how to not extract energy from other people) At the end of the workshop is a healing-relaxing CONCERT OF GONGS AND MIS. -------------------------------------------

Lecturer - Iza Paletko (Maloka Staniątki) Teacher of old traditions and ways of working with body, mind, energy and spirit. Group and individual therapist; Guide to the Spirit and Energy world (person with the gifts of "seeing" and "feeling"). Shamanian healer and specialist of extremely fast "awareness raising" and "awakening consciousness". He also teaches therapists, instructors, healers in energy management techniques and shamanic healing methods and protective techniques. He works with the activation of Female Power and the proper orientation of Male Energy and the merging of the Old World with the New Age of Awakened People. -------------------------------------------

TERM: November 11, 2017

Saturday, hr. 10: 00-15: 00

PLACE: Niepołomice - Staniątki 58 - "MALOKA Staniątki" Arrival time by car from Krakow - 25-30 minutes. Buses and suburban buses and trains arrive to Stansted.

Investment: 190 PLN (Reservation requires payment of deposit - more information at

NUMBER OF LIMITED PLACES (we work in intimate groups)!

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E-mail: Tel. 796 871 888

Energy Workshops. Natural ways of gaining energy

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