COURSES Playing on Gongs-Massage Sounds and Healing Geniuses


18-11-2017 until 19-11-2017 Staniątki 58, 32-005 Niepołomice

Gong playing courses

"Sound Massage and Healing Ganams" is a very intensive course that teaches practical knowledge of releasing the healing potential of gongs. Participants receive a solid foundation on which to work on their individual and therapeutically effective style. Concerts with the use of gongs are now becoming more and more popular, but few know and teach in depth courses on gong techniques and reach for the roots of this tradition, the Himalayan traditions, China and Taiwan. What distinguishes our gong games "Before you start working with the material, get to know its nature" - this is the motto of many recognized gong artists, including Taiwanese master Wu Tsung-Lina, who, like Ton Akkermans, the famous Dutch smith, is the mentor's mentor.

Lukasz Mazurek personally chests gongs, bowls and other instruments - is present virtually in the whole process of their creation, so that they understand them better and feel deeper. According to Wu Tsung-Lin, "the process of creating gongs can not be passed on - you have to personally experience it." It is similar to playing these instruments - it requires entering into a deep, even intimate bond with gong, which brings extraordinary effects. The course focuses on the experience of transcendent conjugation with the instrument, in a very gentle and fluid manner. The theme is to work with the element of water - symbolizing lightness, joy, spontaneity; At the same time these are the characteristics of the heart path. Expression of a gong, similar to the nature of water, can vary from the murmur of the brook, through the sound of a torrent, to the roar of a stormy sea. Each of these states during the game may occur, however, the responsible management of this energy is true art.

The course is a weekend mode - 2 full days. Includes: - the theoretical foundations needed to work and understand the nature of the gong; - gong games; - rules of using gong in individual and group therapy (concerts); - individual and team practice.

Participants receive bilingual - Polish-English - certificates attesting the completion of the course. There is also the possibility of purchasing very high class chimes and all accessories for them. -------------------------------------------

Lecturer: Łukasz Mazurek (Studio Technician and Natural Therapist "Gong" in Szczecin) - physiotherapist and masseur, student of the masters Shree Krishna Shahi and Shanta Ratna Shakya; During cyclical stays in Nepal / Tibet, he investigates and systematizes the ancient healing knowledge of the Himalayas - mainly with regard to the sound mischiefs and chimes of the region. He also travels to China and Taiwan, discussing the topic of forging and gongs. -------------------------------------------

TERM: November 18-19, 2017

Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00

Sunday, 9:00 - 16:00

Tea breaks and light meals are provided during the course, as well as lunch break / catering (meals are not included in the price of the course, they are covered by the participants themselves, tea, herbs etc are available in the room). During the course of the course, it is advisable to keep energy clean - we avoid alcohol, coffee, drugs, cigarettes and meat. It is good to drink plenty of water, herbs, mild teas. The course is also a therapy time for its participants (we deal with the healing sound of gongs). PLACE: Niepołomice - Staniątki 58 - "MALOKA Staniątki" Arrival time by car from Krakow - 25-30 minutes. Buses and suburban buses and trains arrive to Stansted.

ACCOMMODATION: There is a possibility to spend the night in the workshop: 35 PLN / person per night without board (kitchenette available in the hall).

INVESTMENT: 640 zł / person (Reservation requires payment of deposit - more information at

NUMBER OF LIMITED PLACES (we work in intimate groups)!

Contact and reservations:


E-mail: Tel. 796 871 888

COURSES Playing on Gongs-Massage Sounds and Healing Geniuses

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