Traditional Mayan KAKAO Ceremony


25-11-2017 Starting at 15:30 Ending at 20:30 Staniątki 58, 32-005 Niepołomice

Traditional Mayan KAKAO Ceremony 

Iximché and Cocoa are sacred Mayan plants, used in many different ways. These two sacred plants have properties that allow them to relax and feed the body inside and out. They are full of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. That is why the Iximche Tree (Iszimcze) can actually be called the "Mayan Tree of Life". The Mayans combined the different plants to create the "God's Drink," which resulted in endurance and optimal health. Such food in the Mayan community was received only by players (ball players) and by elite members.

Cocoa was used during ceremonial ceremonies and daily life. Cocoa beans also functioned as a monetary unit. The Mayans knew that Cocoa could teach us how to go deeper into our hearts and minds and Heart of Mother Earth. Helps to rediscover the true magic of healing power. The magic that We have in ourselves!

According to tradition, this is a seed sown long ago, and cultivated by our Time Maker Ixmukane, in the pre-Mayan era. One of the traditional intentions of this unique ceremony is the rebirth of female energy and the restoration of harmony between women and men on Earth. Cocoa also opens the heart, harmonises and improves the well-being. The drink we make consists of 4 ingredients: cocoa, honey, nuts and water. During the ceremony with song and invocation, 20 values, Naguals, archetypes from the Mayan tradition are recalled.

Join us in this Holy Mayan Time, in which we awaken the spirit of the Earth and share the ancient recipes of the Mayan Iroquois Ixmucane. Due to the low availability of Guatemalaan plants, Coca & Iximche ceremonies are rare and are truly exceptional.

Moderator: Tomasz Czyba (Harevis) - Mayan Daykeeper of Polish descent. Musician, composer, flutist, therapist. The Mayan calendar began in 2012 after a meeting with Shuni Giron and Pedro Pedro Cruz. In June 2014 he was initiated during a fire ceremony at the Mayan Day Guard. Music creator inspired by the Chol'Qij / Tzolkin calendar (Maltiox Project - The 20 Mayan Naguales). Individual psychotherapist Regresing (R) method and Osho Dynamic Meditation.

TERM: November 25, 2017

Place: MALOKA Staniątki: Niepołomice, Staniątki 58

On the day of the ceremony (preferably also the day before and after) it is advisable to keep energy clean - we avoid alcohol, coffee, drugs, cigarettes and meat, as well as stress.

Investment: 180 PLN / person (Reservation requires payment of deposit - more information at NUMBER OF LIMITED PLACES (we work in intimate groups)! Contact and reservations:


Tel. 796 871 888

Traditional Mayan KAKAO Ceremony

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