Alicie in Wonderland at Silver Lake 2017.


18-08-2017 until 20-08-2017

"But I would not want to deal with madmen," Alice said. "Oh, that's no good idea," Cat said. "We are all crazy here." I'm crazy, you're crazy. "How can you know I'm crazy?" Asked Alice. - You must have. Otherwise you would not come here. " *** "I ... I really do not really know who I am right now, sir. I could say who I was this morning, but since then I have changed a lot since then." *** "Everything is possible, you only need to know about the ways." - Lewis Carroll


Come with us into the world of Alice: workshops, Work with body, mind and spirit, ... miscellaneous, Mysteriously, deep, crazy

And guest: Mat Kowalewski's work gallery. (Background image) Look for us under the pavilion at Chill-Scene, Silver Lake Festival 2017.

Additional information: We anticipate two types of workshops. Such as on which, you will be able to participate for the so-called "donation" to cover the cost of materials. And such for a fee in the border of 10-30zł. More details coming soon.


1hr drive outside of Krakow: 

Jezioro Srebrne w Osowcu
46-023 Osowiec Slaski

Alicie in Wonderland at Silver Lake 2017.

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