Bulwart Art 2017: Summer Theatre Night Scene


29-07-2017 until 13-08-2017 ul. Bulwarowa, 31-751 Kraków

As part of this year's edition of Bulwart Sztuki, just like last year, we invite you to the stage series Theater of the Summer Night. This time, we will have 10 shows from the end of June to mid-August. Check the timetable of the cycle!

Please note that entry to all Bulwart events is free. ---

24.06 Saturday 20:30 - "Mother Gyubal Wahazar"

- performance by dir. Justyna Kowalska The spectacle, created in Łaźnia, returns to us again - this time on the picturesque backdrop of the Nowa Huta Lagoon. The musical performance "Mother Gyubal Wahazar" is a compilation of Witkacy's "Mother" and "Gyubal Wahazar". It is a study of the relationship of the toxic, closed, family mother-son system, in which your constant attempt of power - the struggle for power, for domination, for my I. And all this in a disturbing musical magpie, based on opera singing, melodic and other play with voice and electronics. Economical form, excellent acting, mesmerizing singing - it's not only a good theater, but also an aesthetically pleasing spectacle that can be seen endlessly. Direction and adaptation: Justyna Kowalska Scenography: Grzegorz Borys Roman Music: Piotr Żyła Light: Dariusz Nawrocki Cast: Małgorzata Wojciechowska, Marcin Kalisz ---

01.07 Saturday 20:30 - "The life of a funny man" - Andrzej Grabowski in the program of cabaret

Andrzej Grabowski - no doubt a man who associates a wide audience (not just theatrical) with fun and laughter. Although recognized especially as the main character of the TV series "Świat kiepskie", Andrzej Grabowski created dozens of fascinating theatrical and film roles. Of course mostly in the emploi ... funny man. This time, in the proprietary cabaret program with a distance and courage moves topics close to mature men. However, the spectacle will amuse everyone, regardless of age and gender. Great and intelligent fun with allusions, subtle failures, but also candid and direct jokes for big and small audiences. After the show with the actor ---

08.07 Saturday 20:30 - "The duel - fun in the detective"

Jan Peszek and Błażej Peszek worked with Bath more than once. They also appeared on stage in the performance "Dragon Entrance. Trailer "dir. Bartosz Szydłowski. On Boulevard (t) you will show another show where father and son are performing together on stage. In the "Dude" writer Andrew Wyke invites his home actor, Milo Tindla. The seemingly friendly meeting turns into a macabre game that you guys are rolling in between. Because this game has no rules, everything is possible. Viewers and police investigators fall into the network of traps trapped by a pair of sophisticated players. Jan Peszek appears in the role of a Kabotian writer - a millionaire betrayed by a young wife - and Blazej Peszek creates the character of her lover, trapped by a jealous writer of crime suspects. It will be an unforgettable night! After the spectacle the actors meeting will tell whether family play is fun or ... a duel. Translation: Cecylia Voivode Adaptation of the text: Blazej Baraniak Directed by: Blazej Peszek Scenography: Mariusz Twardowski Costumes: Julia Kornacka Cast: Jan Peszek and Blazej Peszek ---

16.07 Sunday 20:00 - "ADHD and other wonderful phenomena. Unpredictable lecture "- performance by Joanna Szczepkowska

After the great success of one of the last productions of Łaźnia Nowa - "Pelci", Joanna Szczepkowska remembers in Kraków her earlier show, where she meets her daughter on stage. Szczepkowska is a real man-orchestra. The show "ADHD and other wonderful phenomena" is one of her original performances, where she is known primarily as an actress. She is not only a playwriter, but also is responsible for the lyrics and directing. Joanna Szczepkowska has long been interested in the phenomenon of ADHD in adults, and the effect of these interests is the comedy she wrote using her observations. As the author says, many viewers find here "a little self" regardless of whether they consider themselves ADHD - sheep or not. Many also come out of this show seeing their own traits and defects coming. Although it is tempting to reflect, this show is first and foremost a great fun. Text and direction: Joanna Szczepkowska Cast: Joanna Szczepkowska, Hanna Konarowska


22.07 Saturday 20:30 - "Quo Vadis"

- performance of the Montownia Theater Undeniable hit New Bathhouse again on the boards of the Boulevard (t) u! Actors of Theater Montownia are masters of efficient, humorous adaptation of classical literature. If "Quo Vadis" associates you with school tortures, then you must come to the Boulevard (t) to change your mind. The fast pace of action, chopped wit, speedy acting actress metamorfoz will turn up the songs and live music, also performed by versatile actors: Adam Krawczuk, Marcin Perchucia, Rafał Rutkowski, Maciej Wierzbicki. Where in the four actors such decks of good humor? Where do they draw inspiration from stage jokes? Here we ask them during the meeting after the spectacle. Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz Directed by: Rafał Rutkowski Scenography: Małgorzata Szydłowska Music: Wiktor Stokowski Light Direction: Małgorzata Szydłowska Cast: Adam Krawczuk, Marcin Perchuć, Rafał Rutkowski, Maciej Wierzbicki, Wiktor Stokowski ---

29.07 Saturday 20:30 - "Blacks from 1001 Blocks"

- performance by Magda Miklasz Nowa Huta is constantly associated with the blockhouse. But do you know what stories are hidden in the surrounding Nowa Huta Lake buildings? The main hero of the musical story of Magda Miklasz is block 19 - a socialist moth, thousands of which were built in "those days." Its sounds, colors, numbers, fauna and flora, but above all people - inhabitants and their stories. The script was based on the intergenerational meetings of authors and block tenants who together embarked on a journey of stories, anecdotes and fantasies, creating a new mythology of the "great tribe". In the show, alongside a professional team of artists, elders and young people, neighborhood choir, fire jugglers, and puppets ... the dolls that Muppet Show creator Jim Henson would not be bothered by. All this makes the "1001 Blocks" a truly family show, which in Łaźnia Nowa captures both the youngest and the oldest. Now for the first time it takes the boulevard (t) the audience! Directed by: Magda Miklasz Authors: Adam Miklasz, Magda Miklasz Scenography: Ewa Woźniak Multimedia: Adam Zapała Music: Andrzej Bonarek, Anna Stela Vocal preparation of actors and conductor of the choir: Joanna Wójtowicz Hanna Napora, Anna Haftarczyk, Dominika Dyba, Marzena Kochańska, Janina Zarzycka-Bem, Ewa Michalowicz, Grażyna Ladra, Anita Staszczak The team consists of: Jacek Długosz - guitar, Wojciech Szwugier - bass, Michał Pamuła - drums ---

5.06 Saturday 20:00 - "God, me and money" -

Monodrama by Hanna Bieluszko Hanna Bieluszko returns to the outdoor bathing boards after many years of performances at the Łaźnia Theater Association, which was located in Krakow's Kazimierz district. "God, me and money," the monodrama of an outstanding theatrical and film actress, is an ambivalent story of great love, which can always happen ... The heroine, Maria, we meet when shopping everyday. This seemingly banal situation turns out to be the beginning of the fascinating and moving message of a mature woman who is both naive and wise, lost and heroic, ordinary and unusual. Directed by: Maciej Wojtyszko Scenography: Maciej Wojtyszko Music: Boleslaw Rawski

06.08 Sunday 20:30 - "Novecento" - the monodrama of Błażej Wójcik

Another return after years on outdoor Baths! Błażej Wójcik, formerly a soap opera, still at the time of the "Łaźnia" Association in Krakow in Kazimierz, then actor of the Teatr im. J. Slowacki, currently one of the leading artists of the Capitol in Wroclaw. In the monodrama "Novecento" brave, colorful and beautifully shows his acting skills. Novecento is an extraordinary story of one of the most famous contemporary Italian writers, the author of the famous Silk. And an equally remarkable hero - Novecento, an eminent pseudo-self-taught pianist, who was abandoned by his parents on a ship between Europe and America as a baby and never landed. Baricco unveils the fascinating world of brilliant music. The space of this world consists of the horizon of the sea, the shimmering deck and the eighty eight keys of the piano. But there will be room for everything that matters most - creativity, passion and true friendship. The story of Novecento is told by his closest friend, the trumpeter from the ship's orchestra. Based on this text Giuseppe Tornatore filmed the famous 1900 film: the legendary man (La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano) with Tim Roth in the title role. Błażej Wójcik on the Boulevard (t) will show the monodrama, with which he first met a few years ago at the Teatr im. Juliusz Slowacki in Krakow. An excellent set of performers and a lonely performer - their collaboration resulted in a great spectacle. So unique that it happened the second time, in the Capitol Music Theater in Wrocław. After the performance, we will talk to Blazej Wójcik about how the music changes theater and ... how the change of theater changes the actor. Text: ALESSANDRO BARICCO Translation: HALINA KRALOWA Scenography: DAMIAN STYRNA Music: MARCIN LUTROSIŃSKI, ŁUKASZ WÓJCIK, TYMON TYMAŃSKI ---

12.08 Saturday 20:30 "Baby for the brave"

"So you will have a baby. Congratulations. Or maybe your friends will be born babe? It's great. You think it is beautiful. And you're right. You think your life will change - you're right. Dreaming of life as pictured in an illustrated letter: you are relaxed and the smiling little babysitter delightfully babysit - well, that's not quite true. Do you think your life will not change? Nothing more wrong. Your marriage will turn upside down, you will be in trouble at work and you will be tired like never, and maybe one of you will go crazy. Do you think it's over? Ha, that is half the truth. "" The brave child "is a guide for anyone who wants to have children, have children and want more of them, for those who have children and have them heartily enough. Those who do not have kids and do not intend for the world's treasure to have them too will find in this text a lot for themselves. Adaptation and direction: Justyna Kowalska Scenography: Ewa Pietras Music: Michał Dymny Stage movement: Tomasz Wesołowski Light: Dariusz Nawrocki Assistant to the director: Agnieszka Zieleziecka ---

13.08 Saturday 20:30 - ImproKk Evening Theatrical program

Boulevard [t] will close one of the most difficult for the actor of the arts - the art of improvisation.ImproKK Group has mastered it to perfection. Improvised theater is based on spontaneity, scripting in front of spectators. Inspiration for performances is often suggested by viewers, and the script itself does not exist. Thanks to this, the spectator becomes a witness to a unique event. Improvised theater is at the heart of many world-class actors' workshops - this is an art that requires total focus, commitment and sense of observation. The group consists mostly of professional actors, who co-operate with repertoire theaters. Part of the team will also meet in the season on the boards of the Baths of New. Wikimedia Logos - During the shows the group appears in various personal compositions.

Bulwart Art 2017: Summer Theatre Night Scene

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