Swaróg Open Air II


16-09-2017 until 17-09-2017 Domachowo

Another edition of psychedelia with a system of daytime start and play 24h music. Soundsystem Funktion One and Sound Support Pro support. Leave home beads, amulets, chakras, instruments ...... better to take good sneakers on maina and plenty of slack. We do not advertise anywhere in this lesbian dance. We ask you to be intimate with your loved ones. Take and invite those with whom you want to have fun and those who have never been so relieved. Cool as if everyone had done to the forest for 3 courses to fire wood in the daytime would have been for the evening :) We are counting on the same land or pond. Limited number of people do not want more than 250 people. 35 pln in front of the 100 in the mail (mail to swarogopenair@gmail.com will get the guidelines). The rest of the gate, nice how would you have equal 50pln: P Other information will be published on the SV website VAR - a.

Location: Domachowo, West Pomeranian Voivodeship

Swaróg Open Air II

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