Powiśle 11 Summer Cinema under Wawel Castle


From 01-07-2017 until 31-08-2017
Starting at 20:30 Ending at

Powisle 11

Summer Cinema in the heart of the city, at the foot of the Wawel Castle, beside the Vistula River. We invite you every Friday and every Saturday in July and August at dusk, 20:30 / 21:00 for unforgettable cinematic impressions.

Schedule of shows:

Polish comedy

07.07 Miś (Teddy Bear)

08.07 Rejs (Cruise)

In the fashion world

14.07 Devil Wears Prada

15.07 Coco Chanel

French evenings

21.07 In love with Paris

22.07 Thanksgiving

Polanski near Wawel

28.07 Carnage

29.07 Author of the Specter

Legendary series

04.08 Glass trap

05.08 Casino Royale

Evenings with Ridley Scott

11.08 Thelma & Louise

12.08 Good year

Weekend with Ben Stiller

18.08 Night at the museum

19.08 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Polish holiday ending

25.08 My bike

26.08 Wedding

Admission is free

Summer Cinema Powiśle 11 was created thanks to the initiative launched in the Civic Budget. The organizers of the event are: Krakow City, Krakow Film Commission and Cracow Festival Office. Strategic Sponsor: PZU.

Powiśle 11 Summer Cinema under Wawel Castle

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This event happens in Metaforma Cafe

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