On a Common Path. Kraków and Budapest in the Middle Ages


05-06-2017 until 20-08-2017 Rynek Glowny 35

During the middle ages, Kraków and Budapest were two of the most powerful and intrinsic cities of Europe, sharing the title with Nuremberg, Milan and Rome. Today these cities still hold fast to a deep and nourishing friendship of the ages, the roots of which can be here explored.

This exhibition, appropriately held in Krzysztofory Palace, takes you on a journey through the shared past of Kraków and Budapest. A wealth of archeological relics, alongside paintings, statues & other artwork, articles of clothing, everyday items, royal accessories and more help to illustrate everyday medieval life, alongside the rise and fall of these grand cities. Delve into the fascinating history of ancient dynasties while you uncover the lives of the Angevin and Jagiello bloodlines and István Báthory, who held the titles King of Poland and Prince of Transylvania. Prominient figures who link together the history of the cities and the whole nations.

Highight of the display is a suit of armour which belonged to King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland as a child as well an exploration of the Mongol Invasion as a shared destructive memory of both Buda and Krakow.

On a Common Path. Kraków and Budapest in the Middle Ages

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This event happens in Krakow Historical Museum

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