Fourth district neighborhood garage sale


22-04-2017 Starting at 11:00 Ending at 15:00 ul. Dolnych Mlynow 10

The fourth edition of the Neighbourhood Garage Sale!

We invite everyone to find in their basement houses, garages and storages unnecessary trinkets, trinkets, books, plates, small furniture.

Courtesy of TYTANO, we will meet on Saturday, April 22 at ul. Dolne Młynów 10.

From 11:00-15:00 we will assign you a place where you can put these items for sale.
You can buy, you can sell, you can exchange. The form of the transaction you decide. Of course, the prices should not be excessive;)
Only private individuals are allowed to participate. The sale is a spontaneous neighborhood action integrating the local community, the items sold are not subject to VAT.
It is forbidden to trade items not allowed for sale or requiring concessions (eg guns, alcohol).
Please bring a blanket, a mat or a table to expose items.

All the wines, tea and coffee are welcome.

Let's get together and have a good time, because we all know:

"How good to have a neighbor,

how good to have a neighbor,

he smiles in spring,

autumn is going to happen"

Fourth district neighborhood garage sale

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This event happens in Tytano

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