The Convergence of Lines in the Distance


24-04-2017 Starting at 20:00 Ending at ul. Estery 5

Improvisation from Butoh, Joan Laage & Sylwia Hanff and musicians Tomasz Chołoniewski (drums), Robert Jędrzejewski (cello)

BUTOH - a counter-cultural form of contemporary dance that was born in Japan at the turn of the 50s and 60s. It breaks with the canons of traditional art, and not only Japanese. Expressionism, Antonin Artaud's theater of cruelty, Nietzsche's philosophy, Bataille's writings, Genet's writings were inspired. He refers to folk aesthetics of ugliness, in itself a ritual that liberates inner energy and explores the darkness of the subconscious. He deliberately reveals the areas of life that have been banned before. Butoh is a dance whose essence is the expanded perception of the body liberated from the automats of everyday life, the search for the authentic in the body, the mysterious beauty, the openness to the Self and the unity of the Universe in its eternal cycle of life and death. Butoh is a state of unity of the mind-body that allows the subtle perception of the inner and outer worlds, a pure experience of changing states of existence. A dancer, at the very end of time, opens up a space where invisible things are revealed.

Joan Laage (butoh cock) - pioneer and one of the most famous western butoh dancers, founder of DAIPANbutoh Collective, Seattle / USA. She studied butoh with master Kazuo Ohno and Yoko Ashikawa in Tokyo, and also at the workshops of Mina Tanaka, Sankai Juku, Akira Kasai, Masaki Ivan; In the late 1980s, she appeared with Gnome, a group led by Ashikawa. In 1990 she settled in Seattle and founded Dappin` Butoh. While living in Poland, she adopted the artistic pseudonym Kogut Butoh. In 2006 and 2007 she traveled to Asia, creating butoh projects there. In May 2011, Joan's work was discussed at the UCLA butoh symposium. Joan performed at butoh festivals in New York, Chicago, Portland, Boulder, Seattle and Paris. Her Ph.D. in Dance & Related Arts, Texas Woman's University, 1993, concerned the body in butoh dance. Joan has been described in Sondra Fraleigh's books - Dancing in the Dark: Butoh, Zen, and Japan and Butoh: Metamorphic Dance and Global Alchemy. Joan often creates site-specific works. She is also a Tai Chi teacher and is certified in Laban Analyzes. Her recent projects include the Suitcases Project, the 4Culture Historical Site (s) -Specific Project. The Engendering Project partially supported by the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and Borderlines: The Dead Class Revisited inspired by T. Kantor's Death Theater. She often travels across Europe appearing in many cities in different countries. 

Sylwia Hanff - pioneer and most recognized butoh dancer in Poland. She studied at the biggest butoh masters (Ko Murobushi, Daisuke Yashimoto, Carlotta Ikeda, Yoshito Ohno and Atsushi Takenouchi, Tadashi Endo, Ken Mai, Kan Katsura and others); Physical theater performer, dance and body dance improvisation instructor, yoga teacher and meditator; Contemporary and oriental dance learned at many international dance festivals and festivals in Poland, Germany and the UK; She took part in international dance projects; Was an actress of the Warsaw Pantomime Theater, cooperated for ten years with the National Theater and the National Opera; Works with physical and experimental theaters; MSc in Philosophy; Cultural manager - has been organizing butoh events for many years; For over a dozen years she has been working with body work and meditation on the move. Since 2002 she has run Limen Butoh Theater, created a dozen solo and ensemble performances and many etudes and improvisations. It was described in the book "The Present Body. Polish dancers' workshop "Magdalena Zamorska and The Body Revolving Stage. New Dance in New Poland, Jadwiga Majewska. Robert Jędrzejewski - cellist, composer, intuitive musician, creative improviser, studied at the Cracow Academy of Music in cello class, prof. Łapińskiego, composition by prof. B. Schaeffer; Contemporary music and composition courses in Cracow, Stuttgart, Avignon (IRCAM), Gdańsk (under the direction of Prof. A. Kaczynski), was a fellowship of the Płock Foundation; He works with the Performer Theater, he is the organizer of the Intuitive Arts Festival. Contributor of SALULUEKIP duo improvising composers (together with Anna Jędrzejewska). The group operates on the border of intuitive music, computer, electronic and audio. The performances are usually accompanied by performance or video art. They draw on contemporary music and build their own structures and musical language. The essence of action is balancing between artistic concept and intuition. Currently engaged in the project Video Partytura - intuitive inspiration for the composer and a new perspective for the recipient. Since 2014 he has been a PhD student at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

Tomek Chołoniewski (1977) graduated with honors from the Academy of Music in Cracow (2002). He mainly deals with improvised music. Since 2013 he has been contributing to the Institute of Intuition, which organizes several dozen improvised concerts a year. He has played at many festivals in Poland and abroad with many musicians (including John Butcher, Phil Minton, Frederic Blondy, John Edwards, Le Quan Ninh, Lawrence "Butch" Morris, Jean-Herve Peron, Christopher Knittel Stańko, Olga Szwajgier, Yuri Yaremchuk). Currently he co-creates music for the play "Podopieczni" directed by Paweł Miśkiewicz in Krakow's Teatr Stary. He is a member of the band Moon2 (formerly Sympli Romatikó), with whom he gives concerts in Poland and abroad. In the year 2014, the album "Sympli Romatikó" appeared in the publishing house of Mathka. In the same release in 2012 released a solo album "Un". He is also a member of the Theme team. In 2011 he performed as a musician and actor in the performance "Testament Optymisty" directed by Dominika Knapik in the Krakow theater "Łaźnia".

25 zł – presale
30 zł –  on day of concert

The Convergence of Lines in the Distance

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