Music Blender – Gadabit – Jam Session


27-04-2017 Starting at 21:30 Ending at 12:00 ul. Estery 5

Welcome to Music Blender!

The initiating act of the cycle is the Krakow group Gadabit, who, as usual, will open the evening with a short set, and then we play ...
We are open to a variety of musical styles (jazz, hip-hop, ethno, funk, freestyle ... and best all at once), so if you can play then get an instrument or a drum and a pipe and come down! We assume that music has no stylistic boundaries, so it's neither jazz nor blues, and most importantly, with the mixing of all available options, something that has not yet been created. So far, we have managed to create many unique moments that are hard to pin down, and great freestylers who enrich the music with non-trivial lyrics. There is also a lot of positive beat that will not let you sit down ....

 At the disposal of the participants we offer drums, bass, guitar & decks

 GADABIT are a Krakow music group, formed at the beginning of 2007. Its core consists of: Ind - MC, vocals, K - oui - producer and Quban - freestyle, percussion instruments. The band's work is based on the sounds of classical hip-hop, but it also blends elements of blues, ethnic music, jazz and other genres. Inda's distinctive voice and rhyme, unconventional, K-oui-inspired productions, the lightness of experimentation and the collaboration of unique musicians are what distinguishes Gadabit in the Polish scene. Currently the group has prepared material for their second album titled " "Trees".



Music Blender – Gadabit – Jam Session

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This event happens in Alchemia

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