Stajnia Sobieski DJs: GOLDEN GODS (dance + reflection)


05-05-2017 Starting at 21:00 Ending at ul. Dolnych MÅ‚ynow 10

In the light of the discotheque of the sphere we will seek answers to fundamental questions /// What are dates? Is it love? Do fetishes like love lead to consent? Despite the rush and hustle, stop and look at the distant shadows of the stars: do you see the gaps of Feelings? Maybe at the moment of such reverie you will give your head recognition and admit in the spirit: "You were right, great Platonus: love is the sight of beauty in itself - the eternal reflection of an idea that is not a mundane earthly desire ..."

Stajnia Sobieski sends you a gold-plated chariot: the secret driver (Eros himself ?!) drops you off the HEVRE underground gate, proposing an unforgettable ride ... Do you dare? Join us and our efforts: Dionysian dance and Socratic disputes over the glass we will try to evoke the collective sensual forces of the Eros force ...

Masters of ceremonies:

~ Tamil ™


~ DJ Rytro



Free Entry

Stajnia Sobieski DJs: GOLDEN GODS (dance + reflection)

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This event happens in Zet Pe te

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