Alchemy of psychoactivity (lecture)


23-04-2017 Starting at 17:00 Ending at 19:00 Bonobo Księgarnia Kawiarnia Podróżnicza

We invite you to a lecture on legal and available plants on the Polish market, which are both healthy and psychoactive. It will talk about plant stimulants, relaxants, supplements, aphrodisiacs, aromatherapy and ethnobotanics. We will discuss their impact on mood, how they can be used as tools and what to look for; I will present some authoritative provisions on the synergistic combination of some plants, I will mention the nutritional value.

There will also be curiosities in the form of spiritual practices and the application of some plants.

Few words about me: My name is Jakub Stąpór. For 5 years I have been dealing with different states of consciousness. Currently I am studying psychology applied at the Jagus, I have been working on myself for more than two years with various spiritual teachers, which allows me to combine psychological and spiritual knowledge. For many years I have been interested in psychoactive plants, their influence on mood and spirit, and I learn the connotation between the personality of people and their addiction.

Free entrance.

Alchemy of psychoactivity (lecture)

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