Tranströmer Days


22-04-2017 until 23-04-2017 Starting at 11:30 Ending at ul. Krakowska 41

The Sorrow Gondola

The literary works and musical fascinations of the Nobel laureate Tomas Tranströmer (1931-2015) are the subject of the first Tranströmer Days held in Kraków and Katowice. Guests include the poet’s wife Monica and the author Kjell Espmark, member of the Swedish Academy. Cracovian events will be held on 22 April at the Proxima Nowy Theatre. The main poetry meeting will be hosted by Adam Zagajewski. In the evening, organisers present a concert recalling the word and music from the Nobel Prize ceremony held on 7 December 2011; the event was unique in that the laurate was unable to deliver a speech due to aphasia which he had been suffering from since 1990. We will hear music by Liszt and Schubert, while Tranströmer’s poetry is read by Jerzy Trela.

(source: Igor Kuranda, Karnet magazine)



22 April 2017, Proxima Nowy Theatre

11:30am Opening (Monica Tranströmer and Leonard Neuger)

noon-1:30pm The Poet's Neighbourhood (discussion in Polish)

Anna Kałuża (host), Elżbieta Kalinowska, Tadeusz Sławek, Grzegorz Jankowicz

2:30pm-4pm Remembrance (discussion in Polish), Alina Świeściak (host)

Uczestnicy: Ireneusz Kania, Piotr de Bończa Bukowski, Maciej Zaremba Bielawski

4:15pm-5:15pm Lecture by Kjell Espmark Tranströmer's Values for the Modern World

5:30pm-7pm My Tranströmer (poetry meeting), Adam Zagajewski (host)

Attended by Michał Sobol, Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało, Józef Baran, Marta Podgórnik, Ryszard Krynicki

7:15pm Concert recalling the word and music from the Nobel Prize ceremony held on 7 December 2011

Tranströmer Days

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