Enchanted Hunters & Sorja Morja


09-05-2017 Starting at 20:00 Ending at ul. Estery 5


"I do not know of another band that would have such SPIRITUAL harmonies with such bizarre and yet perfect vocal lines lying ontop of them. I've never heard anything so original and cool." Malgorzata Penkalla, Enchanted Hunters

Sorja Morji's debut album was created throuhgout 2015 and 2016. "Sorja" consists of ten short compositions - minimalist in arrangement but rich in content. The songs were recorded in just a few sessions at Michał Kupicz's studio, practically without prior attempts.



One of the most interesting Polish bands of the younger generation. At this concert, they will be presenting his new, unpublished songs from his new album (to be released later this year).

Released in 2012, their last album "Peoria", inspired by alt-folk, brought the Enchanted Hunters critical acclaim and provided performances at festivals in Poland and around the world.

Enchanted Hunters & Sorja Morja

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This event happens in Alchemia

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