Poetry Reading: Robert Rybicki (Krakow Book Weekend)


23-04-2017 Starting at 18:00 Ending at 20:00 ul. Felicjanek 4

In cooperation with Krakow's "Local Bookstores Weekend" (http://weekendksiegarnikameralnych.pl/), we're very excited to welcome distinguished Polish poet Robert Rybicki to Massolit Books. He'll be reading a series of Dada sound poems he wrote while in Prague, inspired by a bird much like John Keats, but instead of reflecting on the transcendental beauty and happiness of birdsong as the English Romantic did, Rybicki dives headlong into the sonic current of nature, deconstructing the Polish language into something more primordial, pulsing with original lyricism!

Poetry Reading: Robert Rybicki (Krakow Book Weekend)

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This event happens in Massolit

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