Once upon a time, there were trees (KRAKERS)


22-04-2017 until 24-05-2017 Starting at 21:30 Ending at szwedzka 8

Exhibition "Once upon the time, there were trees" in Krakow Art House

Rafał Borcz, Paulina Karpowicz, Bartolomeo Koczenasz, Andrzej Kowalczyk, Vala Tanz, Cecylia Malik, Agnieszka Miłogrodzka, Jarek Moździerz, Mieszko Stanisławski, Joanna Skowrońska, Ewa Hubar, Tomasz Wiech, Teatr 52 Hz, Matki Polki.

Trees are social beings with whom humans are constantly in the process of defining relationships. They are at the same time a spiritual symbol, a creative material, and a source of capital. Our perception of trees is shaped by myths, experiences and constantly changing needs, often leading to conflicts. 
"Once upon a time, there were trees" is a tribute to the community of trees in the face of their progressive removal.

Vernissage: 22.04, 9:30 pm
Part of Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS 2017 Kierunki Napięć
Exhibition will be open until May 24th, please contact us for a viewing. Tel.: 790-313-044

Once upon a time, there were trees (KRAKERS)

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