The Artist and the Trace: Materials from the MOCAK Collection Artists' Archive


27-04-2017 until 17-09-2017 ul. Lipowa 4


The MOCAK Collection Artists' Archive, part of the MOCAK Archive, is a valuable source of information about Polish and international contemporary art. The collection – begun by Maria Anna Potocka in the 1970s as part of the activities of the Pi Gallery, the Potocka Gallery and the Artists’ Museum – has been growing steadily. The inauguration of the MOCAK Archive in the newly designated space means that viewers will have access to hundreds of source materials, including photographs, films, artist’s books, correspondence, author’s notes, drawings, projects and the relics of actions and exhibitions. Many are the unique documentation of a particular artistic activity.

The exhibition is the first in a series intended to popularise the MOCAK Archive collection. The objects on display are testimony to artistic processes and ephemeral performative actions. The unique archival material documents public actions, artistic projects, and exhibitions from the period 1973–2004. It is only in juxtaposition with apposite photographic material and descriptions that inconspicuous objects, such as a kite, steel ball or piece of wire, are able to evoke specific performances and exhibitions.



Jerzy Bereś

John Blake

Oskar Dawicki

Jerzy Kałucki

Milan Knížák

Rolf Langebartels

Ben Patterson

Zbigniew Warpechowski

Jacek Zachodny



Martyna Sobczyk



Katarzyna Wincenciak

The Artist and the Trace: Materials from the MOCAK Collection Artists' Archive

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