TEDxKrakówLive 2017: The future you


28-04-2017 Starting at 17:30 Ending at 21:00 ul. Jozefa 36

Who is the “Future You?” 
Have you met him or her yet? Have you thought about how will he or she be, act, speak? 
This year, TED explores over 90 possible answers to these questions at TED2017, the highly anticipated annual conference held in Vancouver, Canada. 

While tickets to TED2017 have been sold out for months, TEDxKrakow is thrilled to announce we have secured a Plan B for you. Legend has it there exists a very special link, made available only to TEDx organizers around the world, right around the time of TED’s most sought-after annual conferences. This special link, sent to us directly from TED, allows us exclusive access to view the TED2017 conference from the comfort of our own city—LIVE—as it happens halfway around the world. Most importantly, this little link means we get to see these scintillating TED Talks months before they become available online for the world to see. If you want to get in on the action, we suggest you join us. Bring a pillow and get comfortable—this is one type of special viewing party you won’t want to miss.

About the TED2017 conference: https://ted2017.ted.com/
About “The Future You:” http://blog.ted.com/welcome-to-ted2017-the-future-you/
Dazzling speaker lineup: https://ted2017.ted.com/speakers 

Stay tuned for more info concerning registration (tickets are free, but you still need them to get in) as well as some special additions to the evening we’ve got tucked away under our sleeves for you.

TEDxKrakówLive 2017: The future you

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This event happens in Cheder Cafe

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