We Are Aliens: Aboriginal


06-05-2017 Starting at 21:00 Ending at ul. Krakowska 41

Aboriginal people did not develop a political identity.Their perception of the world is based on a concept called sleeptime, or dreamtime.

It says that everything that is alive is interwoven into one system that has been created by metaphysical beings. This leads to acceptance of the world as it is, and the main goal is to keep it stable.

✬ ✬ ★ We Are Aliens vol. 9 ✬ ✬ ★

The We Are Aliens Collective invites everyone from Aborigines to cheerful monsters to immerse themselves in our carefully selected and alienated trances.

The Club - a new place in Kazimierz.

Industrial design, minimalism.

Large space for parties, 2 lounges, a dazzling sound system where our music sounds the best!

Welcome: Krakowska 41.

Main stage: fullon, zenon, prog, darkpsy, forest, goa

♠♦ Shroomi LIVE (FIN)
♠♦ K.T.M. (New Moon, Mielec)
♠♦ Cybernetixx (ShivaCrew / Brno, CZ)
♠♦ Jorgos Petrovski (FIN)
♠♦ O.P.H.I.R (Wrocław / Izrael)
♠♦ AL-lad (Triops, Wrocław)
♠♦ Fonzey (Kraków / Nowy Sącz)
♠♦ Mescal

Chill stage: psychill, psybient, chillgressive, psydub

♣♥ Intergalactic Mushroom Network LIVE (FIN)
♣♥ O.P.H.I.R (Wrocław / Izrael)
♣♥ Hatif LIVE (Kraków)
♣♥ DNL (E Y E S E E D, Bielsko-Biała)
♣♥ AL-lad (Triops, Wrocław)
♣♥ Mescal (We Are Aliens)

We Are Aliens: Aboriginal

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This event happens in The Club

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