Independent film presented by director or cast


21-03-2017 Starting at 20:00 Ending at 23:00 Dajwór 3, 31-052 Kraków

We start a brand new project.

Every 2nd Tue we will screen independent movies presented by director, or cast.

Movies will be very different from film noir amateur production, to art movies, paradocumentaries etc. The biggest advantage of that event is that we will see something very difficult to get, we will meat people who actually did it and will talk with them, well maybe if you like those movies you will also buy them some vodka or if you like it very much you will bring your friends for the next event.

Last but not least, above all and the most important we will supoort independent cinema!

May freedom of thinking and movie making stay with you!

Every 2nd Tuesday amateur movie presented by director or the cast
Every 2nd Thursday Movies presented by natives.
Every 2nd Thursday Polish film presented by Paweł & Friends
Every Friday Party, beer tasting, food tasting

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All the movies are always announced here

All the events are always announced here

Independent film presented by director or cast

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