03-04-2017 Starting at 17:00 Ending at 21:00 ul. Dajwor 18

What is the #OMGKRK Summit?

The #OMGKRK Summit is the first meeting to summarize what has happened in the Krakow startup community up to this point. In recent times, the community has grown significantly as many new individuals and firms have joined, although many have also left. Certain startups have grown so much, that they have transformed into serious firms, bravely competing in the international marketplace. The leaders of Krakow’s startup scene have also experienced changes, which they will share for the first time in front of the public exactly at this meeting.

Who Is The #OMGKRK Summit For?

If you are an individual who feels part of the #OMGKRK community, “is creating a startup” or working in one of them, is part of an NGO, is an active student or in anyway is participating in our ecosystem, then with certainty we need you with us on April 4th at the Jewish Galicja Museum.

Lectures And Panels

During the conference, you will hear from the founders of the #OMGKRK Foundation, investors, entrepreneurs along with representatives of local and national institutions. A critical part of the meeting will be panels consisting of experts, who will answer questions from the public.

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This event happens in Galicia Jewish Museum

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