Krakow Crawl


07-03-2017 until 01-10-2017

ABOUT An age old recipe for a wild time, join us for a naughty night of dancing, drinking and all the extras you probably wouldn’t want your mother knowing about. Not for the faint hearted, the Krakow Crawl will take you off the tourist trail to party with locals at 4 of the best clubs our magical city has to offer. If that isn’t enough for you, just for good measure, we include a power hour of unlimited alcohol and mixers at the first bar, then free shots, free entry, queue jumping and kissing strangers at all of the rest of the stops. Even the one friend who always forgets his wallet will be buying rounds! See you tonight on the Krakow Crawl!

Krakow Crawl

This event happens in Krakow Crawl

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