Park Wodny

Park Wodny
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Park Wodny
ul. Dobrego Pasterza 126

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Editor's review

If memory serves well, the highpoints of childhood holidays were not the delights of Chartres cathedral, but rather jumping down the slides at an Aquapark and engaging in a dunking war with various family members. Come to think of it, it seems that regardless of where you might have been, the sure-fire success to the holiday was having one of these Atlantis type places within striking distance. The wisdom of parenthood is suddenly becoming clear! Park Wodny is one of the best of its kind in Poland, with all manner of chutes and slides to go down, as well as saunas and jacuzzis for adults - but there's much more besides - so pack your trunks to avoid being lumped with regulation Speedos. One of the biggest attractions of the Water Park is the longest network of water slides in Poland, with a total length of approx. 800 m. Those who meet the age limits specified in the instructions are welcome to use the external slides: the pontoon Congo, extremely fast NITRO and sound and light effects slides TWISTER and SPEED FIRE. You can also take advantage of internal two-track slide - Salamander, a huge colourful bowl called Tornado, a family slide - Alligator and the Yellow Snake. Younger children may prefer to use the slides on the Pirates Island in their paddling pool. Fantastic water fun will also be provided by other attractions of the paddling pool – the Pirate Ship, Freaky Bird and AquaDino. For an unforgettable experience, take the river rapids, rainbow path, climbing walls, water sports pool (basketball, volleyball, water polo), water jets, hydro-massages and salt water Jacuzzi. Underwater hydro-massages are located at the edges of the pools within distinctive, semicircular endings. You should also check out the pool with wave, which is located opposite the entrance to the pool hall. The wave is activated at intervals and its startup is announced publicly.

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stijn from Virgin Islands Reply Feb 9th, 2017

not bad

bart vermeulllllen from Bangladesh Reply Feb 9th, 2017


TB from Hungary Reply Dec 19th, 2016

It is nice generally, but the cold water pool by the sauna smells like sh*t. They don't change the water only when somebody asks for it. It smells in the morning too, but in the evening it's really disgusting. Plus they serve really small amount of food at the restaurant outside the pool.

Queen from United Kingdom Reply Oct 15th, 2016

Avoid by any means. Disgusting place. Overpriced for polish money, overcrowded and smelling wee. Not surprised though, considering that your time starts counting when you get the ticket and scan it. People don't want to loose time on taking a shower and just want to run to the pool which then stinks like a sewage. No way I will go there again.

Nicola from Australia Reply Jul 1st, 2011

This Water Park...its just bloody amazing... It took 1/2 hour to get inside,cause the staff were chatting with each others :P But the wait was DEFFIANATLY worth it.I will NEVER,EVER forget it,for as long as I live.I would go all the way back to poland to go there! Very imaginative and original :) PS:if you go there,go on the middle slide of the high slides-ITS AMAZING XD even though the service was crappy,Park Wodney gets 10/10!!!

Jack Swag from United Kingdom Reply Jun 28th, 2011

I am going to this water park next week and would like to know can you wear t-shirts , this is because i am worried about my weight ?

Laura Heveran from United Kingdom Jun 13th, 2013

Hi, did you find out if you are allowed to wear t shirts? I am going in a few weeks and it would be helpful if I knew, thanks x

from Belgium Reply May 26th, 2011

hey was echt heel leuk daar maar het was wel klein, de zwembaden in belgië zijn veel groter maar het waren daar wel leuke buizen!! zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!!

Barbara from Poland Reply Aug 31st, 2009

Park is loads of fun, especially for kids. But don't try to eat at the restaurant outside the park -- they apparently don't like non-Poles and wouldn't serve. Literally served those before and after us in line but we were invisible. Bring your own snacks!

Al from United States Reply May 27th, 2009

Looks amazing! Am coming straight herre!

Karolina from United States Reply Mar 5th, 2009

Best place to hav fun ;D

Hong Anh from Vietnam Reply Dec 17th, 2007

Oh my God! This probably was the most fun Aqua Parc I've been to in Europe, so far. All the slides and different pools with WARM water. What's great too is that my nephew got to splash around in the children's pool so that was cool as I was much calmer about him not being able to drown there.

Dagny from Poland Reply Nov 19th, 2007

buses 128, 129, 132, 138, 139, 142, 152, 169, 188, and 425 go there, as it says on their website. Park Wodny is great fun, especially when it's cold out and you want to go swimming somewhere warm!

andi from United States Reply Nov 18th, 2007

can anybody tell me how to get to park wodny on public transport?? i need to go to the gym in krakow to avoid the winter blues!!

Ewa from United Kingdom Reply Apr 15th, 2007

A great place to bring visiting kids, and for grown ups, it also has (surely) the best equipped gym in Krakow.

Mariam from United States Reply Mar 19th, 2007

I went to this aquapark last summer while in poland. This park was sooo much fun!!! It was great way to spend a hot summer day and i highly recommend it.

Tom Hartley from United Kingdom Reply Feb 13th, 2007

YAY,I can't wait to go here it looks really good! I'm really glad it has a shallow paddling pool so i don't have to take my armbands and snorkel, i get out of my depth quite a lot. Ooo, i'm soooo excited!

lorah from United Kingdom Reply Oct 6th, 2006

hi,i went to park wodny the other week,there is around 8 slides some for older people and some for children.what Wasnt good though is that most of the slides had age limits around 8 and 10 so younger children couldn't go on as much.The stepping stones where good though i fell off a few times but it were fun.There is also a kind of whirl pool which has currents and they move you around in a kind of slide yourself.The apliances are good to there is hairdryers avaliable to use and a large cafe for you to buy refreshments.Also its very cheep to get in and overall the park is great it isnt as big as most aqua parks though but you should check it out!!

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Aug 14th, 2006

Hi, I was in Park Wodny and it is really good for children but also for adults. I was wondering how can i find other public outside swimming pools in Krakow that are not so far away from the town center. I guess there are many, like in any big city, but i have no idea how to find them. Thank you in advance Please e-mail me if you can help: Thanks

ada from Lithuania Reply Jul 3rd, 2006

great aquapark:)i was here last summer and I will go there this summer:)

Sasha Zheka from Ukraine Reply Nov 7th, 2005

Gosh,that thing was really great,hope to visit it more,hope to see such things in my city,Kyiv,soon

darius from Lithuania Reply Sep 21st, 2005

unbelievable, great, fantastic, what else can I say :)

James Bond from Poland Reply Jul 29th, 2005

Excellent,could not be any better, totally fab,unreal,I would recommend from the ages 5 to 87. see you.

Jim Culhane from Ireland Reply Jul 27th, 2005

I think the Aqua Park is really good.My wife and family really enjoyed it too.I would recommend it from the ages 5 upwards. Hurray.

Frederick from Australia Reply Jul 12th, 2005

The only place to be in Krakow! Hilarious fun here after our stag party on Saturday. Great way to get rid of a hangover!

adele cibulskaite from Lithuania Reply Jul 11th, 2005

I think this aquapark is very great and there are very funny to be;)

james from Ireland Reply Jul 7th, 2005

very good really enjoyed it.Fab!!

hattie saunders from United States Reply Feb 15th, 2005

love it me,my husband,nikki,sarah,josh,and jesse jr. stayed all day!!!!!!!!

Mark Bradshaw from United Kingdom Reply Oct 13th, 2004

Cool. More lifeguards than a Baywatch set, a stack of chutes and slides to have fun in, and a cavernous changing room with countless doors in which you will almost certainly (and ideally) lose the kids. A complete blast.

Mateusz from Poland Reply Aug 18th, 2004


Ciaran from Ireland Reply Jul 13th, 2004

Visited three times in one week. Just great!

Jenny from United States Reply May 26th, 2004

My friend and I celebrated her birthday here, and had a blast. The slides were *wonderful*, and we met some cute Polish boys, too :).

Faye from United Kingdom Reply Feb 10th, 2004

It was absolutely groovy ;-)

Rachi,Rach,Grace n Lj from United Kingdom Reply Feb 9th, 2004

Park Wodny was Brilliant we all really enjoyed it! it is excellent for people of all ages but especially teenagers and younger kids! All the facilities were clean and enjoyable but the trunks only rule made it more fun!

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