Kiev Nightlife

Some come to Kiev to visit the ancient domes of St. Sophia's Cathedral, others to pay their homage at the sacred Caves Monastery. Still more come to visit Independence Square and the heart of the Orange Revolution or to enjoy the pedestrian bustle of Kreshatyk Street. However, of all the many fine reasons to visit Kiev, there can't be many finer than to sample the legendary Kiev nightlife!

From bog-standard boozers to elite cocktail joints, from classy casinos to scintalliting strip clubs, from underground rock venues to hands-in-the-air house havens, Kiev has got a bit of everything - and whichever nightspot you happen to visit, it's normally going off at a hundred miles an hour.

If you're more of a bar lizard than club fiend, then you may want to start the night in either one of Kiev's popular Irish pubs. O'Briens is a good bet for the genuine pub atmosphere, whilst Golden Gate is a bit more upmarket. For those however you couldn't think of anything worse than coming all the way to Kiev only to find themselves listening to a whacky Paddy talking crap about Leprechauns or some such rubbish, then go authentic Ukrainian at one of Kiev's finest beer taverns. Shato and Viola's Bierstube both serve excellent brews in a fun and friendly environs. Meanwhile cool cats will want to head for Antresol and Babuin to hang out with fellow artistic types and get the lowdown on the murky world of Ukrainian politics. Live music aficionados meanwhile should head to Dockers for a heady mix of rock and vodka.

Once you've got a few beers and vodkas under your belt, it's time to explore Kiev's nightlife proper. Kiev's nightclubs take some seeing to be believed thanks to their raucous atmosphere, full on hedonism and - let's face it - ridiculously good looking girls. In fact many clubs operate a strict face control policy, only letting the cutest girls through the threshold. Whilst such shallow and prejudiced behaviour can't possibly be condoned it does have rather spectacular results... If you fancy seeing them for yourself then put on your smartest shirt and shoes and head down to the likes of Faberge, Decadence House or Arena. The latter is one of the best nightclubs in town, with fine house music and even finer cheekbones on display. An excellent option for those that fancy something slightly less pretentious is PaTiPa, which still boasts stunning women but is a little younger, fun and friendlier. Finally, if you're lucky enough to be in Kyiv in sweltering summer then a night at Privilege is a must. Yes, the same Privilege that has the cool kids of Ibiza in a spin has it's own branch in Kiev. An open air party under the stars, just by the Dynamo Kiev stadium. Unforgettable!

Kiev is truly a party-goers paradise, and fans of nightlife really can't go wrong. Bring your suavest clubbing gear and plenty of hryvnia and you'll have a fantastic time!


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Rene from Netherlands Reply Jul 6th, 2014

Hello,im from holland and will go by car to Kiev for holiday and work want to meet a nice women,single man with ambition for future life.Thanks

Peter from Australia Reply May 23rd, 2014

Hi Ladies, my name is Peter, I am a black guy living permanently in Australia. I am a young 64 year old. I am currently visiting your lovely city of Kiev. I would love to meet a lovely and sincere Ukrainian/Russian girl to show me the city, friendship/permanent relationship and even to create a family.

cara Jun 29th, 2014

hi i am 25 years old single girl on here and love to have a serious friendship with you, so i will like you to mail me through my email ( that i will send to you my photos and tell you all about myself i wait for your reply because i am really serious yours new friend Cara.

Tomas from Germany Reply May 20th, 2014

My name is Tomas and i visit Kiev from 29. may to 1. juni. I speak english an a little bit russian. Going to visit kiev in 29may-1th juny, looking for some nice Ukrainian girls who will show me around, and we'll spend some good time. I liker the Ukraine National Opera, Pscherska Lavra and ui was in Kiev 3 time. Please send me a message.

Cole from United Kingdom Reply Apr 7th, 2014

hi ladies, i am Cole from UK. I will be visiting kiev from26-29 May. i am looking for some nice Ukrainian girls to show me around. here s my email

Gunes from Italy Reply Feb 18th, 2014

It would be nice to meet a female guide (preferably a university student) in Kiev on 28th February 2014

willy from Spain Reply Nov 17th, 2013

i will be there from 28 of november till 7 december so girls take youre best shot

Nik from Georgia Reply Nov 8th, 2013

Hi, going to visit kiev in 10-13th November, looking for some nice Ukrainian girls who will show me around, and we'll spend some good time. contact me on e-mail:

Jake from United Kingdom Reply Nov 8th, 2013

Hi, I will be in Kyiv on business from 9th - 16th November. I would like to exchange some Russian for English in the evenings. I work in education, have an MBA, and used to be a teacher. Any ladies want to do a language exchange and have some fun? Thanks

Bo Dean from United States Reply Oct 19th, 2013

Be in ukraine for two weeks in June. Trying to meet some ladies before I get there to show me around.

Jose from United States Reply Oct 14th, 2013

I'm going to Kiev in March to celebrate my Birthday!!! Trying to meet some local females before I make the trip! I plan on being there for about 10 days! If anyone from the U.S is going around that time please let me know and we can link up! If any their are any local females willing to show me around and take me clubbing, please hit me up on here! thanks.

Luis from United States Reply Oct 8th, 2013

Coming to Kiev in December for a couple a weeks. I'll appreciate any help getting around or tagging along with anyone willing to explore teh city.

Greg from London UK Reply Sep 20th, 2013

43 yr old professional guy, In Kiev 26 -30 Sept. Well travelled easy going guy, staying in Intercontinental. Like to meet girl with good English to show me around.

Ross from United Kingdom Reply Sep 12th, 2013

Hi I want to visit Ukraine in December to party and meet a nice girl I am 26 from the uk if anyone wants to meet up mail me either guys as wingmen or girls as dates friends or guides

Luis from United States Oct 8th, 2013

I plan to be in Kiev Dec 16 to 31st. I'll be your wignman if you will be there during those dates.

Gabriel from Germany Reply Sep 10th, 2013

Hi guys, I am looking for a guide in kiev, specially a femele who knows the nightlife well. Please feel free to contact me. I'll be in kiev from Sept. 27th to Sept. 30th. My Email is

Michael from Denmark Reply Sep 2nd, 2013

@Kristine- are you or will you be in Kiev between 19-22Sep2013? If so, let me know.

Michael from Denmark Reply Sep 2nd, 2013

Hi, it is Michael, 39, and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will visit Kiev for the first time between 19-22 September 2013. Other than the meetings, I would like to go out and would like to see Kiev, with a nice lady... If you are interested in for the evenings (especially after10pm), drop me an email...

Guest from Ukraine Reply Aug 13th, 2013

Hey guys my name is Selchuk.. Living in Kiev .. if you need a guide for specially Kiev night life.. feel free to contact... also we have renting apartment and hotel business... just very few people knows kiev night life better than me ))) Take Care.. also be carefull.. Kiev can be dangerous place for foreigners... I do not want people get troubles just like I used to have ...

Greg Sep 20th, 2013

Hi yes. We are 2 guys and my travel partner seems to think its a good idea to get a guide. Hope its not dangerous! In Kiev 26 to 30 Sept

Azzi from Slovenia Oct 26th, 2013

u got an email or something? :)

Shawn from United States Reply Jul 28th, 2013

Just arrived here for work, I think i will be here in Kiev for atleast 6 Months. I would like to meet someone to show me around. First day has been pretty ordinary but looking forward to all the kiev has to offer

Dennis from United States Reply Jul 17th, 2013

Never been to Kiev before but arriving in mid August for a few days of much needed vacation from Middle East assignment. Interested in meeting single lady to show me around the city. I am tall, good looking, middle age, divorced, well traveled and educated, with a great sense of adventure and humor!!

Melo from United States Reply Jul 12th, 2013

I'll be coming for first time to Kiev/Odessa in Aug 28/ Sep 8,, I'd like to meet some girls friends,, I'm 33 ys old and single, thanks

Jay Miller from United States Reply Jul 1st, 2013

29 year old male thinking to come to Kiev for the first time in November. Is it a bad time to come because it is cold? Are the clubs and other places still busy? Still fun? Thanks!

arvin from Netherlands Reply Jun 28th, 2013

Hello; I have been few times more in Kiev for working; From 10-15 i will be there again. Who - a girl - wants to guide me during few hours for what's new going new and possibly nightlife too. Serious and fun together with good food

Marc from United Kingdom Reply Jun 24th, 2013

Hi Nuria, Perhaps this email is not what you were expecting, but: I'm in Kiev for 6 weeks arrived yesterday (after spending 3 weeks in Granada improving my Spanish - level B2 advanced) to also improve my Russian. I studied Russian at University but am very rusty now . I start Russian Classes today. If you've found some interesting places to go and would like to meet up and practice Russian let me know. Marc from London, age 40.

Lena from Ukraine Jun 24th, 2013

For Marc from UK: Hi Marc. My name is Lena, we can help to each other- I help you with practice Russian, you help me with English. Also I can show you some interesting places because Kiev is my native city. If you are interested in drop me a line

yalcin from Turkey Reply Jun 18th, 2013

Hi I am looking for nice girls who will guide me and spend some good time in Kiev . I will be there from 23-29 July 2013

Vladimir from Austria Reply Jun 9th, 2013

I am looking for a women guide to show me the real Kiev, including night life etc.. I do speak English and understand some Russian. If anybody interested send me an email..

Javier from Spain Reply Jun 5th, 2013

Hi ! I will travel to kiev in August and I would like to dinner and visit night clubs and have some fun with a pretty local girl for at least 3 or 4 days. I am 40 and good-looking, I speak english, spanish and french, in case anyone is interested please contact me

Thomas from Norway Reply May 29th, 2013

Hi We are two guys at 40 year from Norway visiting Kiev 14.-17. juni, and are looking for a local guide. Mail:

Amr from United Arab Emirates Reply May 29th, 2013

Hi, I will be visiting Kiev on the 31st June 2013 for 1 week and I would like to have for a looking nice attractive female to guide me around the city. please email me on

Fahd from United Kingdom Reply May 28th, 2013

hi i will be in kiev on 1 july 2013 and i need to have some fun with good people and girls in kiev , i am on business trip for 14 day . email:

ali from Turkey Reply May 22nd, 2013

Hı I will be i Kiev tomorrow 23 th with my friends. If any nice girls like to show me around will be happy.

Nuria from Spain Reply May 7th, 2013

Priviet!! I am 45, female from Barcelona. I will be in Kiev 15th-30th June to do a Russian course (intermediate) and I was thinking it would be great to meet someone local to show me arround and to practice the language . I have never been to Kiev before and I am really looking forward to it!

Erich from Netherlands Reply Apr 13th, 2013

Together with 2 Peruvian friends (all male) will be visiting Kiev on the 2nd of May until the 8th. We are looking for nice ladies to show us the city and the night life of Kiev. Email See you then!!

Ionut from Romania Reply Apr 10th, 2013

I am a single man visiting Kiev from 11th until 14th of April. 37 years old. I am looking for some fun during this days. If a nice lady (age does not matter) want to accompany me to explore Kiev at night please write me a brief email. Looking forward to your feedback! See you!

Guest from Ukraine May 29th, 2013

i would like to keep you company! I am 30 years old, good looking, with good sence of humour. where are you from?

Peter from United States Reply Apr 9th, 2013

We will be in Kiev on saturday april 13, my friend Jose ( from Puerto rico) if any girls are interesting to meet us and show us the night life in Kiev, we'll so happy to enjoy that. if you interesting you get in touch with me to I wait for a females answer... thank you. Peter..........Jose.......

john from United States Reply Apr 6th, 2013

Coming to kiev in first week of may from the usa with a friend we are 25. Looking for a guide and some fun. Email me at

Elena from Ukraine Reply Feb 17th, 2013

Hello, my name is Elena. Kiev is my native city and I really love it. Now I am looking for some possibilities to improve my English. So, with pleasure I can be your local guide in exchange of communication. Also I can give you some advises how spend a time in Kiev and maybe find something what you are looking for (good restaraunt, some sightseeings, ect.)

Martin from Slovakia Mar 18th, 2013

Hey :) I am coming over to Kiev on 10th of aprill :) would you still like to be my and my friends guide :))) ? mail me at if you re interested in :)

Ed from Canada Mar 19th, 2013

Hi Elena, planning to visit Kiev around November 2013. Will you help me to see the city please. Please let me know. I will be glad if you kindly show me the city. Thank you and have a great day. Ed

For Ed from Ukraine Mar 25th, 2013

Hi, Ed. I do not make plans longer than next week, but in November 2013 if I'll be free and I will be in Kiev, I will show you the city. You can write to my mail for more details. Elena

Ionut from Romania Apr 10th, 2013

Hello, my name is Ionut from Romania. I'll be in Kiev from 11th until 14th of April. I'll be very happy to show me your lovely city. My email is

from United Kingdom Reply Feb 16th, 2013

Hi, we're two fun and professional guys looking for intelligent and interesting ladies to spend time with during our Kyiv visit between March 25-April 1!

marcus from Germany Reply Feb 11th, 2013

Hi everybody! My name is Marcus (39) and I am from Germany. I just arrived in Kiew and will stay for three nights. I am looking for some fun during this cold winter days. If a nice lady (age does not matter) want to accompany me to explore Kiew at night please write me a brief email. Looking forward to your feedback! See you!

d kings from Spain Reply Jan 25th, 2013

hi i am in kiev now for 3 nights and looking for good clean fun , anyone suggestions ?? i am spanish and 35 years old here on business

Jack from Norway Reply Jan 20th, 2013

If you are looking for a nice time in kiev with an attractive girl, .Thousands of beautiful ladies looking for an interesting man.

JJ from United States Reply Jan 14th, 2013

I am a single good looking male 44 years old from the USA traveling to Kiev from february 14-20, 2013. Looking for someone to show me around town. Email me at

Alex from United Kingdom Reply Jan 6th, 2013

Hi, Arriving in Kiev at the end of March for 8 days, looking for someone (female) to guide me around the city. Also looking for good cheap accommodation/apartment to rent?

Neradey from Cambodia Reply Jan 2nd, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm a cambodian girl, 16 years old. I'm not yet to make plan to visit to Kiev, Ukraine. But I suggest to all you that have visited there. Please tell me more information about it. And Tell me the most interesting thing in Ukraine. You can communicate with me by my email Thank you guys!

Toni from Germany Reply Dec 29th, 2012

Hi everyone, I'm Toni, 32 years from Germany. I will be in Kyiv for easter. Anyone who would like to show me the city and maybe go out afterwards? Guy or girl doesn't matter. Please contact me at Cheers, Toni

Bruno from Italy Reply Dec 13th, 2012

Hi! I'm italian guy.I'm coming to Kiev next 25/02/2013 and stay 5 days.I need a escort guide nise to pampering me and going out toghether dancing,candelight and more.Do you like it? If fill it send me a mail to

musead from Sweden Reply Dec 10th, 2012

we are two guys where we live in sweden. we are here in Kiev for vaccations for a few days. we would like to meet nice ladies that can show us around the city we looking forward to be contacteted by nr +380935716792

Surbhit from India Reply Oct 25th, 2012

Hi, I am 31 years guy from India. i am in Kiev currently and looking for good company to show me around the city. You can contact me at

Tom from Norway Reply Oct 21st, 2012

Hi, i am a 36 year old male from Norway, i work as a engineer in a oil company. I am going to Kyiv from 26th to 29th oktober. (Next weekend) Maybe you are a nice single english speaking woman that like to show me the city? :) and maybe if we have a good match who know what can happen in the future? i am singel and looking for a girlfriend to. :) Hope to hear from you, please mail me on if you are interrested. Regards Tom

Issa from Oman Reply Oct 19th, 2012

I am coming to Kiev on 25th Oct looking 4 someone to accompany me

MIKE from United States Reply Oct 18th, 2012

Hey, its Mike, hi i'll be in kiev for work on NOV 15th till 25th with my friend. we'll be looking for a night club if anyone interested to give us advise where 35 years old men should visit... hit me up. thank you, E-MAIL: FIRSTCLASSUSAA@GMAIL.COM

MIKE from United States Reply Oct 18th, 2012

Hey, its Mike, hi i'll be in kiev for work on NOV 15th till 25th with my friend. we'll be looking for a night club if anyone interested to give us advise where 35 years old men should visit... hit me up. thank you, E-MAIL: FIRSTCLASSUSAA@GMAIL.COM

pete from Canada Reply Oct 14th, 2012

Kyiv is a cool town. I will be there Oct 20-?. looking for something to do. cheers

tim from United Kingdom Reply Oct 13th, 2012

looking to go to kiev april / may next year wondering if any nice ukrainian ladies would show me around city love to party, dance music venues and bars to visit. 42 yrs old but look younger and still think im 20 lol please get in touch xx

inan from Greece Reply Sep 19th, 2012

hi i'll be in kiev on sept 20th till 25th with my friend. we'll be looking for a night club which plays electro not the house or some sht :) if anyone interested, hit me up.

George from Cyprus Reply Sep 14th, 2012

I will in Kiev from Sept 19-22 and looking to meet fellow travellers and locals. I love going out and looking forward to experiencing Kiev's famous night life.

mike from United States Reply Sep 1st, 2012

I will be in Kiev in October 15th-16th....I will fly to Donetsk but I will return to Kiev October 22nd-25th. I am 36 but look 27. From USA...hip hop rap skater type guy. Looking to site see and experience the nightlife. Looking for beautiful women to kick it with and show me around. Super fun and not ugly. Let's do this!

jim from United States Reply Sep 1st, 2012

I am looking for a english speaking lady to show me interesting and historical places of Kiev. I am a fun, interesting, tall, handsome middle aged man.

Tony from Canada Reply Aug 30th, 2012

I will in Kiev from Sept 19-24 and looking to meet fellow travellers and locals. I love going out and looking forward to experiencing Kiev's famous night life. Tony

Ellary from United States Reply Aug 28th, 2012

Looking for a guy or girl to show me around Kiev night life. Here until October!

Jason from Canada Reply Jul 31st, 2012

Coming to Kiev between Aug 10 to 14. No clue where to stay or go. If any interesting ladies care to show me around get in touch. Looking to explore the city during the day and entertainment at night. Cheers

Sunset from Turkey Reply Jul 26th, 2012

He girls, I will be in Kiev at 28th of July. Let's meet and enjoy the kiev together

Mitty from United States Reply Jul 24th, 2012

I along with several friends will be in Kiev at the end of Sept. for two weeks(STRICTLY VACATION)!!!!!. We are looking for beautiful females to show us around the city.

Olena from Ukraine Reply Jul 16th, 2012

I'm a 32 years Ukriane women, who are looking to make new friends to have some fun with :-)

Shaker from Jordan Mar 19th, 2013

Hi Olena I am from Jordan I would like to visit Ukraine, looking to make new friends to have some fun with

sebastian from Belgium Jul 4th, 2013

hi there, im in kiev till 06 saturday drop me a message if you are available ...

mike from Lebanon Jul 30th, 2013

hi Olena ill be coming to kiev if your around I would like to make friends with you maybe we get alone and we go places my email is reply me back ok ?/:)

Sunil from India Dec 6th, 2013

Hi ,I'm Sunil from India,I love Ukraine very much,I am coming to Kiev on 24 December,are you ready for fun and enjoyment.

Alex from United Kingdom Reply Jun 26th, 2012

Hey everyone, I will be traveling with a friend to Kiev between the 12-15 July. Anybody in Kiev around the same time that would be interested in clubbing, partying etc...? It 'd be great to make acquaintances while there...

rashid from Singapore Reply Jun 21st, 2012

any one can bring me to kiev night life??i will b in kive on 1 july to watch euro 2012 final

gary from India Reply Jun 13th, 2012

i am coming for euro 2012 on 21st june... looking for some company and good hang out places in KIEV

Cherry from United States Reply Jun 10th, 2012

I am 39 year old Male living in USA, visiting Kiev from July 27 to Jul 29. Please advise that to do in Kiev. What is Kiev famous for?

francesco from Italy Reply May 1st, 2012

Hi guys; I'm in kiev for business matter; anyone may advise me where spend my night life? thanks

Kristine from Ukraine Reply Apr 5th, 2012

Hi Pierre, I am still in Kiev, what about you?

Kristina from Ukraine Reply Apr 5th, 2012

Hi James,I would like a night life tour round the Kiev,i am not sure of your fb picture, here is my e-mail drop me a note..))

Sunday's @ Mantra Lounge from Ukraine Reply Mar 26th, 2012

On the 1st of April, in a great atmosphere, almost family harmony lounge "Mantra" will welcome the guests of Sundays Kiev. Chat, laugh, mingle and enjoy with us!

Tiger junior from Netherlands Reply Mar 23rd, 2012

Hi guys, is there some one going out tonight? I'm from Holland, just arrived in Kiev for a weekend. Cheers.

James Devilliers from United Kingdom Reply Mar 22nd, 2012

if anyone wants some free nightlife tours, free entry to most clubs and I have my car, just message me here or on facebook. photo with pink border)))

John from United States Reply Mar 14th, 2012

hi, guys,I'm going to see kiev too, for my luck its not a first time and really I'm in love with girls there, yeah, they are an angels... btw kievangels do good job about providing a tour with a girl, if somebody need i can give you a contact , yo, see ya soon

prem lal from United Kingdom Reply Mar 6th, 2012

Hi to beautiful women I a single man from England, I am going to drive in my old car ? to see you all . I hope to stop in your part off the world for a month, I am on face book ? I hope to meet you Girls .

pierre from United States Reply Mar 5th, 2012

hello Kristine , how are you? are u still living in kiev?

michel from China Reply Mar 5th, 2012

hello, i will be in kiev from 16 to 21 of april.anybody will be there at the same time to go out together

Andreas from Sweden Reply Feb 1st, 2012

Hello! I'm going to Kiev basically on a business trip 9th - 12th February. I don't know anyone there and only have meetings in the morning 9th. Rest of the week is to explore the city. Im wondering if there are anyone else are there those days. I want to go to the best restaurants, best clubs/bars and play on casinos. So please have some money to spend.

Ali from United States Reply Jan 21st, 2012

Hi! I am in Kiev And i would need some hot plaeces so I can go! If any one can help me!

Carlos from Spain Reply Jan 18th, 2012

Hi, I will be in Kiev for the next weekend, January 20th and looking for good fun. Any suggestion?

Adidas from Turkey Reply Jan 16th, 2012

Hi. Firstly , i want to thx everybody who write in here obviously your consideration.Secondly , im gonna be there this week. I just want to someone seggest me bars,clubs.I'm also student. Therefore , i need as possible as , cheap bars, where local students getting fun. Thanks

anis from Greece Reply Dec 29th, 2011

i m coming to kiev on new year 31st of december , where to celebrate new year ? which club is better?? any suggestion??

Ant from Italy Reply Dec 5th, 2011

Hi i will be to Kiev for new years eve, where to go for enjoy? is my first time

patrik from Russia Reply Nov 26th, 2011

be carefull..

Muhammad from Turkey Reply Nov 14th, 2011

hey i am going to kiev 26 nov i am alone and single need a good company if anybody intrested drop me a note thanks

krystek from Poland Reply Nov 10th, 2011

Ben, I'm Polish. I will be in Kiev between 24 - 27. Ready to join you for a drink or clubbing. art

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