Slivovitz Vodka Legal At Last

After 22 years of attempts to legalize slivovitz, the famous 70-percent plum moonshine from the area of Lack, one of local businessmen, Krzysztof Maurer, succeded.

Until now the production of slivovitz was penalized. "I wanted to make the spirit legally and be able to sell it openly, paying taxes and all necessary fees. All my bottles are duly tax banded, and I'm about to start official distribution soon" said Maurer.

The slivovitz from Lacko is a spirit with a history of its own. The district of Lacko was granted an official permission to produce slivovitz as far back as in the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After WW II the only producers of spirits could be the state-owned destilleries, and since slivovitz has grown extremely popular in the undergound production, many attempts were made to legalize the spirit's production. The several-decade stand-off was caused by beaurocracy issues and the inconsistencies in Polish law.

Krzysztof Maurer seized the opportunity, when new regulations on the home made alcohol production were introduced a few years ago. "For now I'm using eqipment that can hold 150 litres. Any fruit grower can follow my steps, and produce slivovitz legally" said Maurer and pointed out that he was prepairing to expand his production in coming years.


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