More Geo-Thermal Water Down Zakopane Taps

The local drilling company, Geotermia Podhalańska, has just connected the third geo-thermal drill with Zakopane's district heating system. Its power has increased by ca. 8 MW, which is a 50 percent of previous power.

The drilling has commenced in November 2012, and by April 2013 a hot spring was discovered at a depth of 3.4 km. "The new connection is now in a test phase. The capacity of the new spring has exceded our expectations, and will fully satisfy the demand for geo-thermal heating in Podhal area" said Czesław Ślimak, the head of Geotermia Podhalańska.

According to Geotermia Podhalańska, the inner-earth heat will satisfy ca. 35 percent of the general demand for heating in Zakopane. According to Slimak, ca. 1000 new households will be connected to the geo-thermal heating network.



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