Cable Cart Like Wawel Castle?

Cable cart to Kasprowy Wierch is national heritage and should be protected just as any other monument in Poland, claims right-wing party, Solidarna Polska, and want to stop its privatization process. Their vivid reaction was caused by plans of commercializing the national cable cart operator, PKL. 'National good of such importance, not only for local citizens, but for all Poles, should not be given over to privatization' the party members wrote in a draft of a new bill, granting Polish state over 50 percent of stocks, should PKL go in private ends.
First announcements of planned tender stirred up anxiety among local community, as it is feared that a private investor, given a free hand, would exploit the route to picturesque and skiers-attracting Kasprowy Wierch over accepted environmental limits.
PKL, the operator of the cable cart, is to be sold in 2013. The willing bidders so far are local authorities of Tatra regions and Slovak company Mountain Resorts a.s. The tender will probably start at 150 million zlotys.


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