Interested in luxurious, yet cheap B&Bs at the heart in Zakopane? Beware! This might be nothing more than an e-con, especially as the winter tourist season is now kicking in.
As much as 1080 zł have spent a couple who came to Zakopane at the end of October. They found their bargain on-line, booked their stay and transferred the money to a given account. Only when they arrived in Zakopane, they realised that their dream pension does not exist at the given address. Long awaited vacation they started with having to pay once again for proper lodging.
According to Ewa Matuszewska, the spokesperson of Zakopane magistrate, such cases will now be spawning, as Christmas draws near and this is the time Zakopane is usually besieged by tourists. Matuszewska promised that a list of legal and registered pensions will be published on-line soon for tourists to be able to verify the genuineness of the offer before they book.
The police in Zakopane are now investigating several cases of fraudulent B&B, located under non-existent addresses, yet still more and more offers appear and official closing down a website takes several days. Meanwhile, new customers might be conned.
It is advised that tourist react suspiciously to on-line booking offers including only a contact form an a mobile no. Intriguingly low price and a lack of ground-line phone no. (starting with 0-18) should be alerting and needs to be reported to Zakopane magistrate.

Please check  here to make sure your pension is genuine.


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