Who is the Strongest Man of All?

Voting is now open to find the strongest man in the Zakopane region. The Podhale strongman competition will sort the wimps from the wildmen, and the winner will be announced after the closing date, on June 11. The man whose six-pack and biceps make the cut will receive a statue, as well as the title 'Podhale Strongman 2012.' To take part in the competition, you must first visit the Gazeta Krakowska website, then select your favourite and vote by SMS, sending the words CZLOWIEKP.** (** being the number of your candidate). Each text message costs 2.46zl, and you can vote as many times as you like. At the time of writing, Jagna Marczułajtis was topping the poll, with some 568 votes. But Jzef Babicz was not far behind, with 517. In third place was Jzefa Chromik, on 259. Those who come second, third, fourth and fifth will receive runners-up trophies.


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