Cost-cuts for tourists

The news should lighten your heart while leaving a little extra ballast in your wallet - Zakopane authorities have the changed the way that they charge tourist tax, effectively cutting the fees by a third. Visitors staying in the town overnight are charged 1.50zł per day, usually included in accommodation bills. However, the new method of calculating the tax, which came into force this year, means guests will now be charged from midnight to midnight. Whether or not hostel, hotel and apartment operators will pass this on direct to visitors remains to be seen - but it has already raised grumbles among local officials. Last year, the town made around 3 million zł from the tourist tax, but Stanisława Chowaniec, head of Zakopane's finance department, said the new rules mean income will drop by around 1 million zł this year.


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WHAT YEAR WE TALKING ABOUT. Problem with this post is that is no date provided so I'm not sure what year the formations are related to? As far I know the local tax or whatever you call this was 1.70pln per day. I heard that was raised to 2.00pln. For small renters charging any taxes for Government require secretary and book keeper. It is a lot work that nobody has any interest in. Goverment should place both on the road and give ticket to everyone who does not have Zakopane registration. Ticket should be paid at leaving day. Just like on paid roads. Charges should include tickets for entrance to National Tatra Park. It will eliminate all booths and people who collect money there. You not necessary walk with the wallet and passports or any documents when you park and decided to have little walk. The both could be use as a toilets little nice then metal one placed in every enters.

Reply Dec 3rd, 2013