Millionaire City!

There could be no better place to make money than right here in Zakopane, according to records which show that the town is in the centre of a millionaire hotspot. Government figures show that the Podhale region boasts at least 88 złoty millionaires. The number of Płmilionerw that is, those earning 500,000zł a year after tax, is thought to be much higher. Adam Bachleda Curus, son of former Zakopane mayor and partner in the family business Bachleda Investments, certainly thinks so. He said: Zakopane is a good place for investors. In Podhale, to start a business, you need two things: Initial capital - but contrary to appearances, not huge - and a good idea. An example would be our family. Tourism, catering, clothing we are interested in investing in all of it. Tradition too, plays its part, as the Highlanders have reputation for careful accumulation of cash. And the highest earner? The Zakopane authorities arent saying, but did confirm that the top earner made in excess of 6.1 million zł profit. The current mayor, Janusz Majcher, said: I am very happy with the fact that so many citizens of our region can boast such big earnings. These people influence the development of the city. They pay taxes and employ people, therefore, we must take care of our millionaires.


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