Oriental partnership

A Chinese city at the centre of a massive economic boom is seeking to forge stronger links with Zakopane. The plan would twin the Tatra mountain city with Sanya, in Hainan province. With a population of just over half a million, it is the largest city in the province and the regional capital. Tourism is booming there, thanks to the climate, and the economy of the city - and the island of Hainan as a whole - has been growing rapidly for the past five years. These characteristics, weather-specific attractions, tourism and inward investment, are what prompted Pawel Jajkowski to suggest a twinning agreement between Sanya and Zakopane. Mr Jajkowski, and entrepreneur hotel owner, was approached by the authorities in the Chinese city and asked to find a suitable partner town in Poland. He has told Zakopane's city council that they could benefit from working more closely with Sanya, especially in the areas of tourism and culture.


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