It's a dog's life

Dog owners visiting the Tatra national park have long faced a heart-rending choice - leave the pooch at home, or risk a fine of up to 300zl if they are caught with their best friend within the boundaries of the national beauty spot. Now there's a solution - thanks to a new hotel just for canines. Pet lovers have traditionally gone to great lengths to avoid leaving their animals home alone as they enjoy the park. Some plead ignorance when confronted by wardens. Others have swiftly deposited their dogs in their rucksacks at the first sight of park staff. One tried to persuade park wardens that their dog was in fact a sheep, and one group of tourists recently got into a brawl when they were caught with their husky at the foot of Giewont. The new hotel is a response to the problem, which often sees dog walkers fall foul of Poland's Nature Conservation Act. The hotel, called Dogs' Heaven, is open until 10.30pm daily, and charges 10zl for a five hour stay.


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