Get Fit In Zakopane!

If you want to stay as fit as a fiddle, and likewise enjoy some magnificent countryside, then why not join in the weekly foray that is Running Thursdays.

All runners over 12 can join in, and the meeting place is the COS Sports Stadium every Thursday at 6 pm. It could be a great way to meet some new friends, and what's more, a perfect opportunity to explore some of the local scenery. The running is of course not on the track, but on woodland trails.

Runners are always divided into two or three groups, so if you're nervous about keeping up with the regulars, don't worry, as there's always a beginners group. This means you can ease yourself into things at your own pace. We can't promise you'll emerge poised to win an Olympic medal, but you're sure to feel the benefit of the activity. Indeed, you'll be humming the Chariots of Fire theme before you can say Jack Robinson.

Participation is completely free of charge, and if you'd like to find out more about the meetings, just log on to the official website which has information in English. The good news is that there have been few yeti sightings in the region of late, so you won't have to break into an unexpected sprint too often. Enjoy!


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