Polish Women: Harpies from Hell?

Their resounding appeal to foreigners of the opposite sex has virtually become a clich. Even in the 18th century, legendary casanova the Prince de Ligne (who was indeed best buddy of the real Casanova) insisted that Polish ladies had "a grace, a charm and an abandon superior to those of women of all other parts of the world. But Polish women have now been outed as the most aggressive on the planet.

Such is the opinion of Dr Phyllis Chesler, a New York based academic, author of such tantalising tomes as About Men, Woman's Inhumanity to Woman, Women, Money and Power, and Women and Madness.

According to her research, Polish women like nothing more than a bit of misfortune, even if it's their own. Indeed, they active contribute to a nice bit of nastiness.

Whether or not this alleged aggressiveness is part of their enduring appeal to foreigners of the male variety could perhaps be the next topic for Dr. Chesler's pioneering research.


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ı guess he met with my wife after vodka:)

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