Poland's First 3D Film Underway

Filming has begun on one of the most lavish Polish films of all time.

The Battle of Warsaw 1920 is being shot by veteran director Jerzy Hoffman at a budget of $6,1 million. Mr.Hoffman is no stranger to historical epics. The 78-year-old director is famed for his swashbuckling 17th century trilogy, based on the works of Nobel Prize-winning author Henryk Sienkiewicz.

The new film will portray how a freshly reborn Poland beat back the Red Army in what has been dubbed The Miracle on the Vistula.

Some of the biggest names in Polish cinema are taking part in the project, including cinematographer Slawomir Idziak, who besides working with Kieslowski, has shot a Harry Potter film, as well as Black Hawk Dawn with Ridley Scott. Meanwhile, the role of Marshal Pilsudski, the hero of the fight for independence, will go to Daniel Olbrychski, one of the grandees in the Polish acting world.

The Battle of Warsaw 1920 is due to hit screens in the autumn of 2011.


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