The Final Countdown

Following an inconclusive vote on June 20th, Poland is preparing for the final round of her presidential elections. Two candidates are left in the running, middle of the spectrum Bronislaw Komorowski and right-winger Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Kaczynski's twin brother Lech, the former president, was killed in the Smolensk air catastrophe on April 10th, but he was due to stand down regardless, as he was on the verge of completing his five-year-term.

In the first round vote, Komorowski scooped 41.54% to Kaczyńskis 36.46%. However, the former should have an easier run in the second round. 13.68 percent of the initial vote went to the reformed communists, and not in a million years would those voters throw their weight behind right-winger Kaczynski.

However, one should always expect the unpredictable in Poland, and bearing that in mind, we shall see what happens on July 4th.


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