Poland Basks In Warm Weather

Poland has been enjoying a spell of warm weather, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees in the south.

Travellers concerned about May's floods have no cause for alarm. Indeed, the vicinity of Zakopane escaped the physical ravages of the flooding that affected other parts of Poland.

The recent warm weather has already resulted in some uncharacteristic occurrences. Three inebriated men stripped and leapt into a fountain in the Western city of Wroclaw. When police got wind that the trio was wallowing in the water, the three men legged it across the city. Residents were surprised to see three naked men running through the streets, and two of the sprinters proved so swift that they evaded arrest.

The streakers could face a 1500 zloty-fine (360 Euro) for their shenanigans.


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That is a mistake to drink a lot of alcohol with that kind of weather and in the sun also.That behaviour remind me some of the english do in summer but I hope that they will not do it in South Africa during World Cup as they may risk a lot more than a fine.However, from what you wrote, I can conclude that we are faster naked that we are when wearing clothes.Hopefully for those strippers, they will not appeared in paparzzi newspaper!As they say, enjou with responsibility...and not in sunny and ver hot weather.take care

Reply Jun 12th, 2010