Beavers Get The Blame

With flood damage continuing to affect Poland, fingers are being pointed at those considered culpable - ministers, local authorities and developers to name but a few.

Unfortunately for lovers of the animal kingdom, it seems that a certain furry creature is also coming in for some stick. Restrictions on beaver-hunting have been lifted, amidst claims that the sharp-toothed fellows are exacerbating problems by burrowing into embankments and building haphazard dams.

"The greatest enemy of the flood defences is an animal called the beaver. They live everywhere along the levees on the Vistula and cause a lot of damage to them," said Jerzy Miller, Minister of the Interior.

After restrictions were lifted, hunters began to hit the riverbanks in search of the hapless creatures. This caused an inevitable backlash, with the pro-beaver camp insisting that the animals could not be victimised for heinous rainfall.


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