Medal For Malysz

Poland's ace ski jumper Adam Malysz has won a silver medal in the Vancouver Olympics. A last minute return to form saw the plucky Pole win glory at the games, finishing a close second behind Swiss star Simon Ammann.

It had been a somewhat shaky season for Malysz, who can lay claim to being the only ski jumper to have won the world cup four times. That said, the 32 year-old was beginning to be talked about as a man of yesterday. But on the eve of the games, during a training session, he surprised everyone by breaking an Olympic record. Luckily, on the big day, he proved it was no flash in the pan: "After eight years I have returned to the Olympic podium and have received a medal, it is extraordinary," he said.


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jamie douglas
United Kingdom

Yes, well done Adam! Top performance!

Reply Feb 25th, 2010

Viva Polska , Viva Malysz.Congratulation to him for his silver medal.A bit old for that sport now but it does not matter because he has got the wings of a polish eagle (emblema of Poland)from time to time to let him fly as far as poosible to grab titles and medals.Well done!

Reply Feb 16th, 2010