Malysz Breaks Record In Canada

Poland's star ski-jumper Adam Malysz broke an Olympic record in the warm-up training for the Vancouver Games.

The Pole notched up a mighty 109,5 metres, which was not only the longest jump of any of the competitors taking part in the session, but also an unofficial Olympic record. The actual record is 108 metres, by Stefan Hul.

Although the jump will not go down in the books, it has raised hopes that Malysz, who has had something of a shaky season thus far, may now be back on course for a medal.

Career wise, the 32 year-old Adam Malysz is the only skier ever to have won the World Cup four times, but he has been erratic over the last two years. Yet if he can continue this current spell of flying form, there could be real excitement for Poland.


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