Sporting Brands A Winner For Sportsmen

Polish skiing sensation Adam Malysz can command up to 400,000 zloty (95,000 euro) for an ad campaign, according to the Pentagon Research firm.

The skiing star, known as "The Flying Moustache", and "The Polish Batman", ranks third in ad punching power amongst fellow Polish sportsmen.

However, the ace ski-jumper is outshone by basketball player Marcin Gortat, and above all, Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica.

Mr Kubica, who hails from Krakow, can expect fees of around 1 million zloty (235,000 euro) for his backing of a product. Naturally, the driver is particularly in demand for the promotion of car brands or fuel.

Nevertheless, although these are royal sums in the Polish orbit, fees are still considerably higher for international stars such as Roger Federer, whose Nike campaign earnt him some 9 million euro.

Source: Polish Radio


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