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Editor's review

Californian artist, Frederick Abrams, is the man behind this one of a kind resto-bar in Wroc

law. In his 13th century guard tower, guests can sample from early evening until the last guest some of the most delicious food in the city, courtesy of a three-fold multicultural menu which doesn't cheat on quality and orginality. It is accompanied by excellent imported wines, award-winning unpasturized Polish brews and cocktails. One thread of the menu is the city's only authentic tasting Mexican cuisine. Lip smacking burritos, taquitos and fajitas are served with the only genuine salsa sauces in Silesia. The second thread of the menu „Global Tapas", includes octopus, calamares, onion bhaji, tempura and select exotic main courses such as Green Thai Curry. The atmospheric environs of the artistically restored medieval bastion is enhanced by a refreshing variety of world music.

Editor & Wroclaw Local


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I'm a native English teacher in Wroclaw and as for set-ups, this last comment is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black. Poles typically type in English leaving out spaces between commas and the endings of sentences. The last obviously cleverly disguised remark is a most ironic commentary on why, most unfortunately, my favorite place in town closed down for the summer one month ago, since whoever wrote this was not even aware of this fact. It seems to be the case that the intent is to alienate

foreigners from abroad from patronizing one of the few foreign owned restaurants in the city as the tourist season hits full tilt, whereas, it's inadvertently just another nail in the coffin. The one truthful point made I am aware of concerns the conditions of the exterior of the building. I only know that the restaurant's owner has been ensconced in a lengthy court battle with the tower's landlord over failure to restore the ancient building's condition, leading to this dire situation and hope that this unique, magical place will come back to life soon better than ever.

Reply Jul 31st, 2011
United Kingdom

Cold atmosphere.Weak service.Very poor,limited menu.Food poor.Drafty.Rough,un-safe area.The worst restaurant we've visited so far and ive NEVER said that before.Can only think that the other GOOD reviews are set-ups !

Reply Jul 27th, 2011
United Kingdom

Went there recently on a Saturday. Food was stunning, a top veggie burrito...seemed a bit quiet and closed early and, unusually for these parts, only served instant coffee so misses out on a 10. Use it or lose it.

Reply May 10th, 2011
Conor ODonoghue

Would like to correct my last comment - I just rang them and they are open Thur-Sun inclusive. So bad luck for me! My rating is 5 i.e. neutral since I have not been there.

Reply Mar 15th, 2011
Conor ODonoghue

It is not clear that this restaurant is open any more. I went there on Mon 13-Mar-2011 and Tue 14-Mar-11. On both days there was no sign of activity!

Reply Mar 15th, 2011

As a regular visit of Abrams' Tower it's hard to take the prior comment seriously. Being that they serve the only Thai food and real Tapas in town, such comments are suspect coming from a local. My favorite dish of all is their Thai curry and it is properly spiced with lemon grass, ginger etc. Their tapas, which are little works of art, are made fresh daily. There are some beautiful photos of them on their Facebook page, in fact. Priced at between 3 and 7 zloties, this is hardly expensive, nor 30 zl for a quality dish of Thai food found nowhere else in Wroclaw. As for odors, the restaurant is a magical space inside of a medieval tower and it was the first non-smoking restaurant in Wroclaw. Visitors should beware of people trying to discourage them by such comments which are aimed at destroying new competition.

Reply Mar 13th, 2011

I went here after reading the positive reviews on here but I had an absolute different experience. First, the tower smells when you walk in - the worst thing for any restaurant. Second - the food was awful and overpriced. We had a Thai chicken curry where the rice was Uncle Ben's (in Thai food?!), no spices, chicken unflavored, the tapas were stale, i mean really it was barely mall-worthy food and for 30zl a dish!?! The only positive was the staff who were nice and polite. This place may be good for a beer but stay clear if you want a nice dinner.

Reply Feb 28th, 2011
Ron Darcy
United States

Found this place because I was looking to watch the superbowl in Poland. Staff was friendly, food was great! and Frederick was a pleasure to chat with. Made some great frinds as well. My new favorite place in Wroclaw!

Reply Feb 15th, 2011
United Kingdom

Good food here. Slightly out of the way, but definitely worth a visit.

Reply Jan 18th, 2011
Jordi Nuber

Funny place! I walk into a party of people from all over the world last night and ate Mexican Tapas! I had to go around the block to find the way in to a courtyard but what a strange find! An ancient tower with shisha, Thai Satay, Chorizo, Jamon and melon and really nice wines from back home! Maybe

now I stay...

Reply Oct 9th, 2010
Matthew Lang

I've been looking and looking for a place Poland that knows a thing about

Mexican food and after trying a few of them I was ready to give up, that is until I read here about Abrams' Tower and, what a discovery! No cowboy hats, no bandito posters, just AWESOME Taquitos and burritos! And the wine we had was worth double the price. Hard to find, easy to miss out on, I cannot recommend highly enough.

Reply Aug 7th, 2010
Brian Mitchell

Quirky and eccentric menu, but all the better for that. A real surprise to find a restaurant so good and unique in Wroclaw.We were in wroclaw for a week and ate here 3 times and each time it was great. Staff are welcoming and smiling. Wine list is excellent. We found the place quite easily.

Reply Apr 29th, 2010
United Kingdom

All this talk about so hard to find? Silly! Just go through the passage between he two pharmacies with big illuminated crosses on Piaskowa near the river to the old tower in the courtyard. Believe me, you can't find a burrito as good as this anywhere around and their menu of tempura, satay and tikka are great starters. Strange mix but they've got the spices down! I've been going there on each trip to town and the girls at the bar are always smiling :)

Reply Apr 23rd, 2010
United Kingdom

david's right. this place keeps it real - really worth a try if you've been travelling europe for awhile looking for a taste of home!

Reply Mar 31st, 2010
United States

I must be living in another reality if The Mexican has good food. There's only one place in town which does it right with real live cilantro and even green salsa and this is the one. They don't have the props of girls in sexy senorita outfits or bartenders wearing cowboy hats but it's not easy to find tastes as genuine as this...and what an atmosphere in an ancient tower! Only problem is you don't see it from the street and it take s a bit of effort to find but it's well rewarded!

Reply Mar 4th, 2010
United States

sooo good! the mexican food here is delicious. great if you've been stuck in the land of cabbage for too long :)

Reply Jan 28th, 2010

Top notch cuisine, you really can't go wrong here. Recommended!

Reply Dec 7th, 2009

SOMEONE tell the city to BLOW UP either the horrible communist buildings on one side of the concealed, dark scary forboding entry to this amazingly unique restaurant and bar or to knock a hole through the old brick barricade that blocks it from the street. If one's daring enough to pass through a poorly marked maze to find the ancient tower's door, you may not want to leave once inside. The owner himself treated me like I was a guest in his home. He informed me that he's a well traveled artist and it was like being privy to his atelier where he turned us on to little relics of his journeys, little masterpieces to be devoured with terrific wine, what's he's calling "Global Tapas". So rare to find in Poland a clean place to eat that's not poisoned by clouds of filthy cigarette smoke, we instead lazed back on fluffy Middle Eastern style pillows inhaling strawberry flavoured shisha while sipping Pinot Noir from Chile and dabbling in dishes of tempura, fried potatoes with garlic sauce and sweet cinnamon covered nachos. But first I highly recommend checking out the maps on their website and carefully reading the instructions.

Reply Nov 11th, 2009

I was there last night too having read excellent comments from another tour guide and was not disappointed. Right on salsa, rice and a delicious beautifully presented burrito like nowhere I've encountered during travels. However, we also received a plate which was undercooked but were kindly offered anything else in the menu by a very friendly waitress. She explained that there was a technical breakdown in the kitchen and that the staff working last night are new. I also asked to pay by credit card and was told there was another problem with the terminal so we paid in cash.

Reply Oct 4th, 2009
United States

Visted Abrams Tower last night ordered a Burrito and Fajits the Burrito came stone cold as was everything on the plate when it was returned they heated the whole thing up including the sour cream and salsa, awful, the fajitas consisted of a plate of soggy peppers and onions with little chicken. When we came to pay we were told cash only when we said we only had card we had to wait 20 mins while they turned the machine on. Not good service. All in all not good would not recommend.

Reply Oct 4th, 2009

I visited Abrams' Tower last Saturday. They've got some problems with entry from the address street, Krainskiego. You can only enter from the beginning of the long ancient brick wall that's connected to the tower on its inside (away from the street) or from Piaskowa (street with tramways) through a passage found between two pharmacies. Because of this they are only open now on Friday and Saturday evenings to the public. Still nothing's changed otherwise, the best kept secret in town, amazing old world atmosphere. There's no cliched

decor of cactuses and photos of banditos but the other Mexican joints in the city do not even compare. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reply Sep 15th, 2009

Very decent place, pretty quiet but great atmosphere, good cuisine and a very nice girl at the bar ;)

Reply Jul 13th, 2009
Mark Dixor

This joint is unlike anything I've come across in my travels, an eclectic artsy environment with old furniture, chillout style sofa and pillow seating, candles in dim romantic lighting, incense, beautiful textured glass windows, but that's not all. It's not easy to find good service in this town but the friendly help here is refreshing but most of all an unusual menu of some of the best Mexican food I've had in my travels, which says a lot as I'm living now in Paris. Aside from the Mexican I tried their recent French special and was astounded. But they've got a problem with the conservator at the moment and reaching the entrance is a bit of detective work, well worth the trouble. I highly recommend Abrams Tower.

Reply Jun 26th, 2009
United Kingdom

Man, what a pain to find this place! But as they say, no pain, no gain! All I can tell ya is that this is a CAN'T MISS spot in Wroclaw! Try their shrimp tacos!

Reply May 12th, 2009
United States

There's another cool place not well known here that's serving late and in an ancient tower and serving amazing food from their delicious fajitas to Thai salad. It's a bit tricky to find but there's nothing like it in Wroclaw and it would be a hit from Manhattan to Warsaw!

Reply Apr 29th, 2009

I was at wine tasting buffet there a few nights ago. Tasty dishes from Thailand, India, Mexico and a few I don't know what they were but very interesting flavors. Music played was from many styles and countries, nothing like places in center of town. Problem is finding it. You must find the long brick wall on Krainskiego and walk from the inside of it to the door.

Reply Mar 4th, 2009

Hi. I'm the overly friendly owner of Abrams' Tower. Just in case anyone is going to be around for New Year's Eve and hasn't a place for dinner, most everything around the market square will be completely booked due to excessive crowds. As others have written, the old tower is not so easy to locate and with no street traffic we won't be located in this way. If you would like a GREAT night with terrific food from around the globe, great ethnic dance music as well from Latin to Balkan to popular standards, great wine, cocktails and/or, of course, vodka, if you want to enjoy it in an intimate atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the city, take a look at the info on our website. It's advised to reserve seats as soon as possible and in any case, I promise to stay in the corner unless invited ;-)

Reply Dec 21st, 2008

I am also a Pole who left my country. I cam back to see family for Christmas and visited the tower the other night to meet the owner who I met before during a return visit for a wonderful wedding party in the tower a few months ago. I told him then that my Polish friends who also left would say that he's a hero for trying what he does in our difficult country. Many of us left to escape the bureaucracy. In the UK starting a business is at least ten times easier. He told me of his usual problems, the latest losing two bartenders just before Christmas, one, who suddenly left Poland, the other to a leg injury. He said his manager who is not a bartender had to work the bar some nights. He told me his two main chefs lived in London for a few years and returned with experience that was not possible to get in our country. I can't understand the motives of another foreigner who knew Baszta, La luz and Abrams' Tower trying to discourage others, speaking of a rare friendly owner so rudely. I also travel often to Spain and in the most popular restaurant I ever saw there the owner was always talking to everbody! I knew Baszta too, the first wine bar in the city. Abrams has tried to revive this wine spirit that Baszta lost in its final days when it became a cheap beer pub before that business died. Those who know this history should be thankful for what he has made in a not easy building to find outside of all of the commercial places around the market square, many with bad imitations of food from other countries and mediocre wine at ridiculous prices.

Reply Dec 21st, 2008
United States

The owner of La luz was the same guy who owns Abrams' Tower. Not many people who remember Baszta and La luz know or appreciate the fact that he brought the tower back from the dead when the roof was caving in and with little help from the city or anyone else has been working for years trying to revitalize a lost treasure in the city while now offering some of the best food Wroclaw has ever known.

Reply Dec 20th, 2008

I don't know what axe this girl has to grind is about but I have known the owner through many hard times with bureaucratic nightmares and more that any Pole who has worked seriously in such business knows all too well and which drove many of us out of our homeland. I've lived in the UK for years so I know what I am talking about and I admire him for all of the incredible troubles he has had to bring to Poland such terrific cuisine which so many people here have as yet to discover! And he's always worn very nice cologne when talking to me...........

Reply Dec 20th, 2008

you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig. same goes when comparing old baszta or laluz to abrams restaurant. one thing thats changed for better is the food, i admire the chefs for their work, the bar sucks however - we asked for a few cocktails, that the bartender couldn't serve withour any specific reason given, finally we gave up and ordered wine (and it says its a cocktail bar!). the worst however is not the place, food or drinks but the owner himself. he literally invited himself to our table and just talked about his whole life story, which none of us cared about. we just wanted to have a nice meal not listen to some smelly guys story on how unhappy he is in poland! i heard that same story, when a friend of mine invited me there - and now heard it again, when i came with somebody for a romantic dinner!

If you want to go there, I just recommend the food - its really good! But if the owner is there - run!

Reply Dec 18th, 2008

This place is amazing. Very friendly waiters, best food I've had in a LONG time! But as others say, it's not easy to find. DON'T LET THAT STOP YOU! FORGET Rynek and go there!

Reply Nov 2nd, 2008
United States

No it's not. It's the best food I've had in town and some crackpot has an axe to grind.

Reply Oct 9th, 2008
United States

is it a joke ?

It`s the same xxx like befor...

Reply Oct 9th, 2008
United Kingdom

I came the other night with my bf. We ate Chicken Parmesan and Thai shrimp and chicken curry from the fusion menu which was truly delicious. Afterwards the waiter treated us to a bottle of Pinot Noir from Chile that was just amazing. I cannot recommend this place more highly.

Reply Sep 25th, 2008
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